By Prayer is SIM’s motto because it is truly by prayer that we praise God, seek His direction, request resources, and call upon the Holy Spirit to empower our ministries. By Prayer is a call to action emphasizing important work to be done. We must intercede for those living outside of a saving relationship with Jesus, many of whom have never heard His name. Finally, By Prayer is a celebration! We glorify the Lord not only for all that He has accomplished, but for who He is and all that He is yet to do.


We would be honored if you joined us in praying for SIM ministries and workers around the world. The following resources are designed to inform, inspire, and invite you to stand with us in prayer as we bring good news to hard places.

Pray to End COVID-19

In the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we continue to live by prayer and in complete dependence on God to supply all of our needs. Please join us in praying for communities, families, and individuals around the world that have been affected by COVID-19, and for the Lord to bring an end to this crisis.

2022 SIM Prayer Guide

The SIM Prayer Guide features countries around the world where SIM is currently working. Each day, you’ll learn about the types of ministry SIM does in each country, as well as the communities where Jesus is least known, and ways you can pray specifically for the work there. The entire guide can be prayed over in a one-month rotation (see page 4), or at your own pace.