Of the 96 million people in North Africa, only a relative handful worship the Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to creatively cross barriers into the Muslim world of North Africa, proclaiming the gospel where Jesus is least known. By developing partnerships with like-minded organizations, we aim to accelerate placements of personnel where they are most needed. We envision expansion into the urban centers along the Mediterranean Sea through missional businesses and through professional consulting among the most vulnerable segments of society. We aim to establish creative ministries among the six desert tribes of the Sahara Desert, comprising 7.5 million people. Contact us to learn more about the locations and various ways in which we serve throughout North Africa.

Communities where He is least known

Urban Unemployed Youth

In one country of North Africa, 33% of youth are unemployed, with 40% of university graduates unemployed. One of the of university graduates said, “For us, unemployment is a kind of blasphemy. An unemployed is not a person… Society itself does not accept him. What is the use of that person?” (Breaking the Barriers to Youth Inclusion, p.24, World Bank 2014)

We are creating businesses focused on hiring young people. We are equipping and helping establish them as productive members of society. We want to demonstrate the transformative impact of Christ, and see whole families follow Him.

People With Special Needs

In many Muslim cultures, special needs children are considered a cause of shame. Mothers and daughters struggle to care for them in unseen rooms without assistance or training. Many are suffering. We have partnered with those whose vision is to bring the light of Christ into this darkness. They enable local initiatives, creating spaces for disabled people and caregivers to grow, learn, gain skills and simply be loved.


Six of the 100 ethnic groups in North Africa are desert nomads. Very few are bringing the Gospel to these 7.5 million people. Working with nomads is challenging, requiring creative solutions to where we live and how we minister to them. We are finding ways to meet them from the coastal regions in the north, and from the southern Saharan countries.

Mobilizing Short-term Theological Educators to North Africa

The local church is intent on strengthening theological training inside this North African country in order to build a strong foundation of theological integrity in pastors and church leaders. SIM has been asked to assist with this process.

Ministry Partnerships and Development

This ministry serves the strategic aim to mobilize workers throughout the whole of Northern Africa.

Sub-Saharan Francophone Campus Discipleship

Many believers attend the French International Church. The vision is to raise up these students to become effective cross-cultural witnesses of Christ on their campuses.

Serve with SIM in North Africa

We work in many communities throughout the region. Visit the Opportunities page to search by country, skill/interest, or duration.