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What is the assessment process to become a missionary with SIM USA?

By SIM Staff  ·  2 minute read
Learning Center  »  What is the assessment process to become a missionary with SIM USA?

Becoming a missionary, moving overseas to serve cross-culturally, entering professional ministry, and serving in least-reached contexts come with challenges. At SIM USA, our heart is to partner well with those serving the Lord in hard-to-reach places. We care deeply about the long-term success and growth of those we journey with. That is why every person exploring SIM USA as their missions-sending organization goes through an Application and Assessment process. Although this process can be lengthy, it’s a valuable one.

The way forward to becoming a missionary.

As you start the process of becoming a missionary, those who move forward with the SIM USA application undergo a thorough assessment process (theological, medical, psychological, and more). Taking this holistic look at their lives and life-stage realities helps us care well for applicants and, together with their church, discern how God is leading. Inevitably, there comes consensus, a shared sense of direction.

This assessment process may lead in many directions as we seek God together. Here is a quick overview:

  • The Missionary Assessment Process explores where you go.
    • Some may come to us with a sure idea of where the Lord is leading them to go, but their assessment changes things and leads to deeper discussions and prayer.
    • One worker came to us with a deep conviction that they should go to the Andes, but their medical assessment turned up a condition that would prevent them from living above a certain altitude. This precluded them from going to the Andes, and the Lord led them to another location where they are now joyfully serving.
  • The Missionary Assessment Process explores the best fit for you.
    • Some may come to SIM USA seeking to go with specific skills or to a particular people group, only for the Missionary Assessment Process to show that we are not best equipped to mobilize or support this person in the way God is leading them.
    • In this case, it’s our profound pleasure to connect these individuals with partner organizations that are a better fit. One pastor came to Connect hoping to grow his church’s sending, only to sense that God was leading HIM to go! After a conversation with this pastor, he realized it would make more sense to go with Pioneers since others in his congregation had already been mobilized through that organization. We agreed and celebrated our small role in helping him discern God’s leading.
  • The Missionary Assessment Process explores the right timing.
    • Others may come, and they or we find that, in our estimation, they are not ready to go at this time.
    • Health – This may be because of the current state of their mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual health, their children’s health, or their marriage’s health. In these cases, it’s our pleasure to help connect these potential workers with resources to meet these needs and support them as they undertake that effort.
  • The Missionary Assessment Process explores if SIM USA is your best fit for a missions-sending organization.
    • Some may not be a good fit for SIM at all. Perhaps they are not (yet) believers in Jesus, hold contradictory theological views, or are unwilling to submit to our code of conduct or structure of leadership.
    • We believe we are serving these individuals well by telling them lovingly and in God-honoring truth we are denying their application, and by this doing the most loving thing we can do.

As you can see, the assessment process is thorough, helping individuals discern their next steps in becoming a missionary and serving cross-culturally. Connect with us today to start the conversation and learn more.

SIM Staff

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