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Questions about Global Missions?

How do missions and prayer work together?

By Charlie T.  ·  1 minute read
Learning Center  »  How do missions and prayer work together?

Prayer sustains and is a foundation for cross-cultural missions.

Prayer serves as a foundation for cross-cultural mission work, guiding, empowering, and sustaining individuals and teams as they seek to serve others, spread God’s good news, and positively impact the world for Christ.

So often, we think of cross-cultural missions as sharing the gospel through preaching, teaching, and ministering to physical needs. Mission work includes all of these, but if we conduct our work without dependence on God through prayer, we risk not seeking the direction, blessing, and power of the God who changes hearts.

Throughout history, God has revealed Himself in mighty ways following seasons of prayer. The great revivals of the world have followed seasons of prayer. God is the one who draws men, women, and children to Jesus by His Spirit, but He invites His Church to be a part of this great mission, and it begins with prayer.

Prayer works to soften the soil in places where the gospel has not yet been preached. Like Jesus’ parable, the soil is hard where the seed of God’s Word has yet to grow roots. The Holy Spirit hears our desperate prayer and can loosen the soil in these places. Prayer softens the hearts of people living and dying without hearing of Jesus Christ, prepares them to receive the gospel, and helps gospel workers to share God’s Word as Jesus works through them to build His Church.

Just a few prayer points:

  • Pray for open hearts to accept the gospel.
  • Pray for those considering serving in cross-cultural missions.
  • Pray for those sharing the gospel in word and deed.

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Charlie T.
Director of Prayer and Celebration

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