JAN. 10 – APR. 26, 2023


MAY 23 – AUG. 4, 2023


AUG. 15 – DEC. 8, 2023

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Mongu Youth Center

Approximately 82 percent of the population of Zambia is under the age of 36. The youth here are eager to learn, are influenced by globalization, and represent the future health of the church in Zambia. They need help to apply their faith to real life situations and to share their faith with others.

Do you have experience working with individuals ages 14-30? Do you have a passion for them to learn about Jesus? Are you a team player and also a self-starter with the ability to work independently at times? Do you have some skills and talents that you would like to share with others for the glory of God? If so, this just may be what God has prepared you for. We need additional staff to help us introduce new programs at our youth center and to challenge the youth in their walk with Jesus. Imagine the impact you could have for eternity!

You will work with the resident SIM couple and the Zambian staff to organize and run weekly and monthly activities at the youth center, such as Bible studies, outreach activities, discussion groups, seminars, etc., and be directly involved in the lives of youth by way of counseling, mentoring, and discipleship.

The people taking on this role must have a strong vision for and love of youth. They must be very open and available to talk and spend time with the youth. They will ask you many questions about Christianity and life in general. The ability to interact with them in games and activities is important.
Least-reached youths between the ages of 13 and 30
Our current team is comprised of members from the U.S., Canada, and Zambia.
During your internship, you will given time to study SiLozi, which is the major local Zambian language in the area.
You have the choice of living with a host family, or can live your own house during the internship. Both houses are on the same property in a small-town setting (more rural than urban).
Our expectation is that you will get to know the youth who come to the Center. You'll do this by interacting with them through games and activities, some Bible teaching, and other topics.

Choma Youth Center

SIM Zambia has opened a youth center as a place where youth can meet Jesus, grow in their relationship with Him, be challenged in their moral choices, and be trained to be spiritual leaders in the community and in their churches. We welcome children and youth from 10-35 years of age—those who are still trying to find their way in life. We have already started with Bible studies, real life discussions, indoor games, sports, kids programs, and other activities. Youth are welcome to come daily and be a part of our programs. In the future we hope to expand the program to include classes in computers, baking, mechanics, and other areas in the coming years.
Youth and children in the community ages 10-25
Currently, team members are from Canada and Zambia.
You will live with SIM workers or host families in the town of Choma.
You will come alongside existing staff in reaching out to the youth, helping them reach their future goals and dreams and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Mukinge Hill Academy

Children and youth need strong Christian role models to teach and show them what it means to be a follower of Christ. When we can provide a quality Christian education given by committed Christian teachers, we are raising strong future church leaders. Mukinge Hill Academy (MHA) provides that kind of education. Through providing quality Christian education to the children of staff members of Mukinge Hospital and the broader community, the classroom assistant has an opportunity to influence the lives of many children.

Mukinge Hill Academy needs classroom assistants to help an enthusiastic and motivated group of Zambian primary school children on their learning adventure. Take this opportunity to work with Zambian children, experience a classroom at Mukinge, and be stretched by living in Zambia. The role of a classroom assistant is to help the teachers by assisting children individually with their work, grading their work, and other related classroom and school tasks. MHA is a private day school for children in and around Mukinge. It uses the Zambian curriculum for most subjects, supplementing that with other curriculae for certain other subjects. The school currently caters to grades 1-7. All teaching is done in English. This is a good opportunity for someone who wants to spend some time between high school and further training or a few years into an education degree program and wants to gain some experience in teaching. A heart for children and a desire to help them learn is all that is necessary.

MHA is staffed with both missionary and Zambian teachers. Most, if not all, students are Zambian. The school board is comprised of church leaders, parents, and community representatives. As a part of this internship, you'll need to be able to work in that kind of environment. It is recommended that anyone looking to serve have some experience working with young children; e.g., Sunday school teaching would be helpful.
Zambian Children – some are believers and there is need for discipleship; others are not believers but may think they are by virtue of living in a Christian country, going to a Christian school, etc.
Primarily Zambian and Northern Irish. Others in the greater hospital community are from the U.S., New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Australia.
Communication is in English at the school; however, you may want to learn some of the local language, Kilikaonde, in order to greet people. English is the trade language in Zambia.
During this internship, you will be living in the compound at Mukinge Hospital. which is in a rural setting. You'll likely have your own room either in a house to yourself, or in a shared house.
1. Be willing to observe and learn from the Zambians.

2. Be of good character and be a positive influence on the Zambian staff and role model for the children.

3. Behave in a professional manner in school e.g. time keeping, dress, interactions with staff and pupils.

4. Be willing to take part and give your best in the areas where there is need.

Kasempa Opportunities

This is an opportunity to see how a Mission Hospital operates. Gain experience in various areas like hospital administration, hospital maintenance, chaplancy, pharmacy, etc.
A new project, Kasempa Foundations was launched in January 2019 with a desire to see peoples lives improved through agricultural and community development. The inspiration for the project came about through a community malnutrition prevention program that ran for five years at Mukinge Mission Hospital. A high rate of chronic malnutrition was observed and it is estimated that 49% of children in Zambia under five years of age are chronically malnourished having negative consequences in their physical and mental development and the subsequent development of society as a whole.

Kasempa Foundations has begun teaching Foundations for Farming, a ministry that teaches farmers how to be faithful and productive with the resources God has given them and is working alongside a local pastor who is establishing life groups through a program called Dignity, a ministry aimed at equipping people to reach out and help their own community. It is hoped that through these life groups, Foundations for Farming will be taught and also nutrition education focusing on preparing food from locally available crops. Other key areas to be established that are aimed at improving nutrition are hygiene, sanitation and good childcare practices.

A love for Jesus and people and a heart to equip, empower and capacity build are a must. Anyone interested in agricultural aspects of community development would benefit most during the Fall session as that is when crops are planted.
This opportunity could involve a broader internship where the person could rotate through various ministries at Mukinge and Kasempa, including Mukinge Hospital, Mukinge Hill Academy, Foundations for Farming, Mukinge Girls Secondary School and Youth work.


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