JAN. 10 – APR. 26, 2023


MAY 23 – AUG. 4, 2023


AUG. 15 – DEC. 8, 2023

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Teaching English at The Centre, Chiang Mai – University Ministry

Gain experience in teaching English to second-language learners while building relationships in social settings with the goal of leading students one step closer to knowing Jesus. You don't need to be an expert in English teaching, but if you enjoy meeting people from a different background and culture, and desire for them to know of the goodness of God, the Centre may be the perfect place for you. This opportunity can be considered for customization to meet university program requirements.
The Centre is located in the foothills of the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is a non-formal education center nestled just in between two large universities. We help people practice and improve their English, and as that happens, we build relationships and communicate the love of God through our actions and our words. With additional fun and relaxed events, and bible storytelling, we are prayerful witnesses to people who haven't had the chance to hear about who Jesus is or what he has done for them.
Urban, rented apartment, possibly living with host family or in a room at the ministry center
Thai, Australian, South African, Scottish
A willingness to teach English classes and build relationships with students at the Centre as well as outside the Centre

Church Planting Internship – Northeastern Thailand or Southern Thailand

Be involved in church planting and outreach in the least-reached parts of the country, with the aim of seeing a movement of indigenous, biblical churches reproducing among their own people in Thailand and reaching out in mission to other peoples. Be mentored by a church planter while participating in outreach opportunities.
There will be an opportunity to learn basic Thai.
Host family or guest house/rented house
South African, American, NE Indian
Flexible, use skills to encourage church planting team, experience rural church planting challenges and joys firsthand.
Check out this video about the challenges a Buddhist faced when considering Jesus – “Far”

Cultural Exposure

Come alongside the Thailand director and leadership team to learn about the countrywide strategy for reaching those who are living and dying without the gospel. In this internship, you will be mentored, visit various ministries for deeper exposure, and learn Thai language and culture. Research opportunities exist to assist the Thailand leadership team as they consider new ministry opportunities and locations. This internship focuses on a personalized mentoring experience and broad ministry exposure with input from leadership.
Least-reached Thai Buddhists living in various locations but primarily based from Chiang Mai
Rented housing or host family
Flexibility, desire for a broad ministry exposure, research skills

Missionary Kid (MK) Education – Grace International School, Chiang Mai

Do you have a love of children and a passion for education? SIM Thailand is seeking teachers to assist families with homeschooling their children. Come join our team!
Urban, rented home, possibly with other teachers
America, UK, Thai, Korea, Australia
Student Teachers must complete an application process with Grace International School and must be accepted as a student teacher. University requirements will need to be sent ahead of time, prior to placement approval. GIS can only accept a limited number of student teachers, dependent upon teacher supervisors availability. Apply early.
Visit the Grace International School website for more information, including the dates for the upcoming school semesters.


Teaching English – Ayutthaya Faithful Witness Team

Reaching Ayutthaya seeks to see those who do not know Jesus transformed by the gospel through the work of a multicultural, multi-skilled team. We use our gifts and abilities to meet needs in the community, cross barriers, share truth, and embody the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Key ministries include teaching English, sports and community outreach. At The Centre, English classes offer an opportunity to build relationships and model a Christian life.
Guest house or possible host family
Australia, USA, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Singapore, Thai, German
Ability to teach English and willingness to explore relational avenues to connect with students at The Centre and in the community. 

Missionary Kid (MK) Education – Ayutthaya Faithful Witness Team

Do you have a love of children and a passion for education? SIM Thailand is seeking teachers to assist families in church planting ministries with homeschooling their children. Assisting the families in this way will allow them to continue their outreach into the unreached areas of Thailand by alleviating concerns of providing quality education for their children in a region without good schooling options. Come join our team! Help support missionary families with home schooling. Missionary families in different cities, with kids in primary and middle school, are looking for homeschool teachers. The teaching would be directed by the parents who would provide support to the teacher and would need to be consistent with the home schooling philosophy of each family.
Missionary kids of Ayutthaya Team Members – either at Lopburi while families are in full-time Thai language school or in Ayutthaya with the Faithful Witness team.
Reaching Ayutthaya seeks to see people who do not know Jesus, transformed by the gospel through the work of a multi-cultural, multi-skilled team. We use our gifts and abilities to meet needs in the community, cross barriers, share truth, and embody the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Key ministries include teaching English, sports and community outreach. Children of cross-cultural workers in unreached areas without suitable formal educational solutions often need to be home schooled or have other educational approaches. Home school teachers invest in these students and enable the families to continue to serve in Thailand, focus on ministry opportunities and/or allow both parents to study Thai full-time. A home school teacher will assist families in locations without access to education in English through home school teaching and support. The Ayutthaya team has a vision to start a home school cooperative or small school.
Teaching will be entirely in English, but there will be opportunity to learn basic Thai.
Host family or rented house
USA, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nigeria, Peru, Australia, German, Thai, Singapore
Love children, ability to teach elementary aged children in core subjects, organized, coordinate with parents regarding children’s education, ability to network with local home school support resources (consultants, Grace International School Distance Education Department consultants and library, Asia Education Resource Consortium, etc.).

Communications/Digital Media/Videography, Chiang Mai

This internship opportunity is designed to help the SIM share the stories of God at work in Thailand.
Urban, rented house, host family; possibility of travel
Members from the U.S. and Thailand make up daily work team, but stories will be gathered from a multicultural team.
We are looking for creative storytellers with gifts in videography, photography, journalism and digital media to communicate the stories of how God is at work through the people and ministries in Thailand.

Sports Friends, Chiang Mai

Learn about sports ministry in the Thai context and come alongside our sports ministry trainers.

Work with a Sports Friends team that provides sports ministry and coaching instruction to equip local coaches in making disciples of Jesus Christ through sports in their communities. They focus on developing both disciple-making and coaching ability, and confidence and skill among our Sports Friends staff, local coaches, and church partners. This individual will come alongside team members who help to design, develop, and deliver coach education training, materials and resources with an integrated disciple-making approach, as well as mentoring to develop coaching ability.

Sports Friends could also benefit from a media and communications intern. Position requires experience and skill in one or more of the following areas: videography, photography, journalism, writing, editing, and graphic design. Proficiency using the Adobe Creative Suite is preferred but not essential. Could be combined with SIM Thailand Communications, Digital Media internship role.
Rented house or host family
For this opportunity, we prefer some previous experience in sports coaching and ministry. Expertise is primarily sought in coaching soccer and/or volleyball. Previous experience in coach education, curriculum design, training and mentoring is desirable. Additional experience in league development, sports camp ministries, teaching/training, or leadership development abilities would be beneficial.

As an intern, the individual must be physically able to play soccer and volleyball. Flexibility and desire to learn about sport ministries.
You can visit the Thailand section of the Sports Friends website: https://sports-friends.org/where-we-serve/#thailand-se-asia.


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