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Children & Youth, Church Planting, Cultural Exposure, Development, Education, English, IT, Marginalized People, Media/Comms, Sports

Embark Internships 2023

JAN. 10 – APR. 26, 2023
MAY 23 – AUG. 4, 2023
AUG. 15 – DEC. 8, 2023

Expand the questions below to learn more about our 2023 internships in Paraguay.

Media: Serve at our recording studio. Audio recording, programming, graphic design, and all that has to do with media. Also going to spread the media out to churches, pastors, and other christians. You will work in a studio, but also throughout Paraguay. (Spanish is helpful, but not required.)

Children, youth, and community ministry: Join a team that has a focus on children, youth and community outreach, including involvement in the local schools, weekend Bible clubs, adventure outreaches, and more. If you speak Spanish, there are opportunities to teach English, art-music-drama, sports, science-health, and special education. (Space limited)

Cultural Exposure: Immerse yourself in Paraguayan culture by living with a local host family. Learn culture, language, and day-to-day life in rural Paraguay while assisting in local ministry and being mentored by an experienced SIM missionary. Spanish is required. (Space limited)

Ministry Exposure: Serve alongside experienced missionaries in this culturally diverse country. Ministry opportunities include camp ministry, health care, bible studies, English teaching/tutoring and more. Spanish is required. (Space limited)

Unreached communities in rural Paraguay, also indigenous people (First nations), students in urban city
By faith, SIM Paraguay sees:

  • God using SIM Paraguay to bring thousands of Paraguayans to salvation in Christ.
  • God guiding us to make disciples who will form local churches and become godly and productive members of His Body.
  • God using local churches to impact their communities through His power and the transformed lives of His disciples, leading to a grassroots church-planting movement in Paraguay’s interior.
  • God leading local churches to form an association of churches that relate to SIM and to freely partner with like-minded church associations on local, regional, national, and international levels to fulfill the Great Commission.

The internships serve to strengthen our team’s efforts in relationship building, friendship evangelism, outreach through meeting community needs, and initiating small group Bible studies through the contacts they make. The outreach team is spread out in different locations over an area of about a 3-hour travel from north to south, and is accountable to the SIM Paraguay Leadership Team. In most locations where interns would be placed there is a missionary family already working towards church planting outcomes.

Currently the team is made up of workers from the USA, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Bolivia, and Paraguay.
Some ability in Spanish is required for interns. If your internship will have you in country more than half a year, you’ll likely receive a few weeks of formal Guarani learning. However, if your internship is approx. two months or less, you will just be expected to be able to operate with your existing Spanish. With your designated mentors, you will be able to carry out on-site acquisition of some Guarani among their contacts as time allows.
You will either be placed in SIM housing or with Paraguayan host families in close proximity to your designated missionary family mentors. You can expect a room with a bed in your host family’s house, in a rural small town setting. This gives you opportunity to gain insight and appreciation of Paraguayan culture and foods, slower rhythm of life, and serve as a starting place to begin making contacts and building friendships of your own as you visit people in the community and/or set up classes.
As an intern, you should be self-governing, capable, showing initiative and flexibility. Above all, you should be able to manage your own spiritual growth and have a passion for showing the love of Jesus to others. Mentors are present for support, guidance, and will assist in making introductions and contacts within the community, but will not be providing a schedule of your daily activities. Early in your placement, mentors will help you design a basic routine tailored to your ministry interests, and this could change as your time progresses and as you together seek God’s will in prayer.

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If you’re interested in joining our Embark internship program, complete the below form, and a member of our team will be in touch to learn more about your interests and discuss next steps.

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Please note that SIM missionaries raise financial support. We trust God to provide and we will assist you in the support raising process! If this is a concern for you, our recruitment team will be happy to discuss this process with you further.

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