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Questions about Global Missions?

long term

Length: 2+ years

We believe the best way for a ministry to have a lasting impact for God’s kingdom is for the missionary to become part of the community — and that takes time. Long-term missionaries live and work alongside their neighbors, earning trust and developing relational opportunities to share Jesus by continually investing in those around them.

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Length: 1-2 years

The purpose of our midterm mission opportunities is to support and expand ongoing ministries. This provides missionaries in the area with reliable help and gives you a clear look at what life is like for long-term missionaries. Due to the length of service, midterm missions offer more opportunities to see God use your skills in ministry abroad than during short-term trips.

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Short term

Length: 2 months to 1 year

Our short-term missions are designed to support an ongoing ministry in the area and introduce people to what it’s like serving there. If you don’t have clarity on length of service or have never done ministry overseas, these opportunities are a great place to start.

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