Convinced that no one should live and die without hearing God’s good news, we believe He has called us to make Jesus known in all places and among all peoples. With more than 4,000 workers representing over 65 nationalities, SIM workers share the love of Christ through Christian witness, community development, health care, education, business, and more. We are passionate about prayer and care as we respond to need, proclaim the gospel and equip the Church in over 70 countries worldwide.


Although humanity’s greatest need is healing in our relationship with His Father, Jesus healed people physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. SIM engages individuals, communities, and systems with a desire to address needs of all kinds and introduce people to God.

We are responding to need through medical and health ministry, ministry to children, community development, providing relief in drought or natural disaster, and many other ways.

Our goal is to meet people’s physical needs as we also share how Jesus can meet their spiritual needs. Help and relief come in many forms. Whatever the need, we are compelled to respond with the love of Jesus.


Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples. It is our joy to proclaim the gospel to all people in many creative ways. Most SIM ministries involve open and intentional opportunities to communicate the gospel. For others, our daily lives reveal God’s love.

We are proclaiming the gospel through business ministry, ministry to children, education, church planting, evangelism, media, arts, and in countless other ways.

We believe the ultimate human need is to know God, and in all things we seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus.


Training and equipping church leaders and congregations cultivates a mature church that understands its role in God’s global mission. That role is to be the hands and feet of Jesus both locally and globally.

We are equipping the Church through discipleship ministries, theological education, community education, international schools, technical services, and church development ministries. Our passion is to see the body of Christ in all places, among all peoples, and we are committed to cultivating churches to have the same vision.

Whether it’s equipping your local church with a vision for mission, or planting and strengthening a whole new church, SIM is equipping the Church around the world.


Whatever your passion is, there’s a place to serve.

Whether it’s sports, business, art or church planting, we have opportunities to serve around the world.