NEW: 2019 Internships
NEW: 2019 Internships

Are you up for a challenge?

Do you want to invest in what lasts?

Are you willing to be transformed?


LAUNCH is an intensive internship experience with
SIM for those considering long-term ministry.

NEW: 2019 Internships


in a role that fits your
skills and interests.


alongside experienced mentors
and others like you.


in a learning, growing environment.

NEW: 2019 Internships
NEW: 2019 Internships


(Ministry Exposure)

Serve alongside experienced missionaries in this culturally diverse country. Ministry opportunities include camp ministry, health care, theological education, English teaching/tutoring, and work with children and youth at risk, just to name a few. Spanish is helpful.


(Refugee Ministry)

Connect with refugees by working alongside the local church to foster relationships through ESL classes, summer camps, and other cultural lessons. Learn from experienced SIM Canada teammates as you work together among individuals and families from many nations that are closed to the gospel.


(Children and Youth)

Join a team that has a focus on children and youth outreach, including involvement in the local schools, weekend Bible clubs, adventure outreaches, and more. If you speak Spanish, there are opportunities to teach English, art-music-drama, sports, science-health, and special education. (Space limited)


(Cultural Exposure)

Immerse yourself in Paraguayan culture by living with a local host family. Learn culture, language, and day-to-day life in rural Paraguay while assisting in local ministry and being mentored by an experienced SIM missionary. Spanish is required.

United States

(Cross-Cultural Ministry)

Engage with one of the most difficult-to-reach people groups in the world. Join our team of experienced missionaries who have been working among this people group abroad and in the U.S. for more than thirty years. See creative partnerships in action with the church and local community as they seek to connect this growing population to Christ.

United States

(Missionary Support)

Assist our missionaries in being more effective in their ministries around the world by using your skills to support their efforts while living right here at the U.S. office in Charlotte, NC. Qualified individuals can assist in the areas of finance, travel, and administration.


(Relational Ministry)

Exercise your gifts through an internship in one of the hardest-to-reach countries of South America. Designed for growth in areas of cross-cultural learning, spiritual life, and Christian service, this opportunity will allow you to develop and grow as you serve in a variety of ministries, from evangelism to partnering with Uruguayans in a church setting, and everything in between. Spanish required.

NEW: 2019 Internships

Burkina Faso

(Children, Youth, & Community Ministry)

Gain hands-on mission experience and develop your ministry gifts as you help meet social needs in the community and work with children and youth. You will learn and grow while partnering with career missionaries who will invest in you. French is helpful.

Burkina Faso

(Culture & Ministry Exposure)

Step into ministry that fits your gifts and skillset, and develop your cross-cultural and language acquisition skills – all while building relationships and learning from seasoned missionaries. Ministry areas include, but are not limited to, teaching, engineering, ESL education, work with the disabled, and information technology.


(Culture & Ministry Exposure)

Come with a humble heart and an eagerness to learn. Study Arabic while making friends, learning the culture and interacting with team members. Participate in the life of a multi-ethnic, multi-skilled Christian community, including weekly meetings with mentors. As you become acquainted with your Egyptian neighbors, significant ministry opportunities will develop. (Space limited)


(Culture & Ministry Exposure)

Explore life as a missionary in Niger. Come as a learner. Working with both missionaries and Nigeriens, you will have the chance to be involved in churches, projects, and a wide range of day-to-day activities that serve our SIM team and local ministries, including IT, communications, education, and construction.


(Women’s Ministry)

Offer hope and compassion in this predominantly Muslim nation, which is one of the most impoverished countries in the world. Opportunities to connect with women, who are often underserved in their communities, include sewing ministry, literacy programs, and health classes. French is helpful.


(Student Teaching)

Bless Nigerian and international students by teaching as part of our team at Hillcrest School in Jos. If you are studying education or are interested in serving in a school setting, why not begin by gaining a better understanding of teaching overseas? Other positions may include assisting with administration, teaching art, coaching athletics, and more.


(Medical Evangelism)

Gain experience addressing patients’ spiritual needs in a cross-cultural medical setting. This unique opportunity partners with the Medical Strategic Network’s summer Whole Person Care Preceptorship. You will receive training and will practice giving whole person care in the U.S. for five weeks prior to going to Nigeria.


(Ministry Exposure)

Serve alongside Nigerian Christians as you connect in this English-speaking country to build relationships and engage evangelism and discipleship. Ministry settings include children’s work, media/writing/videography, urban ministry, community development, literacy and ESL, health care, sports and community outreach, orphan ministry, and more.


(Children and Youth Ministry)

Play a part in SIM’s rich history of serving in Zambia by using your gifts in an established ministry. Diverse opportunities could include ministry at Mongu Youth Center, Choma Youth Center, or Mukinge Hill Academy, a primary school for grades 1-7.

NEW: 2019 Internships

East Asia

(Cultural Exposure, English & Missional Business)

Learn from the rich history and various peoples who call this region home while teaching English in both formal and informal settings. Build relationships with an unengaged people group as you work with children or university students. Opportunities to study Mandarin or gain experience in a Missional Business setting are available.

South Asia

(Language & Cultural Experience)

Build relationships in South Asia as you teach English and study the local language. Learn about the culture as you interact with students, teachers, language partners, and neighbors. Your investment into these lives among a least-reached people group will reinforce already existing ministries as well as build new connections for the team’s ongoing ministry.

South Asia

(Ministry and Cultural Exposure)

Be a blessing by serving the marginalized, developing leadership skills, and learning to love Hindus, Muslims, or Buddhists. Explore options for ministry while you embark on a language and cultural learning experience. Areas include healthcare, income generation, social justice, counseling, working with trafficked children with HIV, business, media, administration, IT, ESL, university ministry, youth camps, Bible teaching, and discipleship.


(Missional Leadership & University Ministry)

Cross cultures while training in leadership and missions through a cycle of learning and serving. Paired with a Japanese university student, you will learn and serve together in a variety of ministries, including disaster relief and discipleship. Training topics include culture and contextualization, disciple multiplication, mentoring, leading for change, and more.


(Classroom & Student Support)

Help our missionary team as you engage with international students grades K-12 while providing classroom and student support. Those interested in teaching are especially encouraged to apply. Other roles may include helping with sports, art, tutoring, special needs, administration, and more.


(Church Planting & University Ministry)

Invest in relationships with university students while participating with the Thai church in urban church planting efforts. As a new person on campus, your presence will draw interest, and your relationships with students can open doors for you to introduce them to Jesus and connect them with a local church.


(English Ministry)

Relate to university students through teaching English. You will impact the lives of future engineers, business owners, and those entering a wide range of career paths. The relationships you build can naturally lead them to connection with the local church.


(Home School Teacher)

Use your knowledge and experience to help missionary families serve in areas where schooling options are limited. Help keep them in position to serve their communities well by helping meet their children’s educational needs. As you teach these children, you will also have the opportunity to serve with and learn from career missionaries.


(Sports Ministry)

Team up with our Sports Friends staff and Thai church leaders as you play and teach sports. Use the international language of sports to engage interest in the community, lay a foundation for relationships, and connect people with a local church (or a new church plant).

NEW: 2019 Internships


(Cultural Exposure, Language & Refugees)

Experience the culture and begin learning the language in an organized training program. This unique opportunity will provide you an open door to engage and partner with others working with refugees from two countries.

Ask us about additional internships beyond LAUNCH, including: Europe (refugee ministry in many locations), Medical Rotations (for qualified students, residents, and professionals), Student Teaching (positions in international schools around the world), and more.
NEW: 2019 Internships
NEW: 2019 Internships


Abby Strohman So although my trip to Paraguay is over, it has continued to alter my life. Upon adjusting to my home culture, a lot of things have changed inside me. So here we go again, It’s hard to be in one place when your heart is in another. I am back at school and all settled in and don’t get me wrong I have missed my friends and am enjoying college, but apart of me always goes back to the incredible experience I had this summer in Paraguay. Word’s are just not adequate in expressing the love I have for that place and for the amazing people I met. I don’t want to romanticize it and say that it was easy, because it was 100% the opposite of that. It was hard, so difficult with a number of barriers: language, culture, (literal barriers, like having to stop because there … Read More

Chau Chau…For Now!

Abby Strohman So, I’ve been avoiding writing this blog for awhile now, but I finally decided to finish it off. I don’t know how to even begin to recap everything that happened in Paraguay and to accept that it has officially come to a close. While I have missed family and friends back home, I was nowhere near being able to understand what it would be like having to leave so many people that I love. Last week I finished my time at the school with the students and left with a full bag full of notes and little trinkets, but a very broken heart. I looked at these students for my last times understanding that I have no idea when or if I will see them again. I heard so many little “I love you” , “I will miss you teacher” and “when will you come back?” That last … Read More

te alabamos Señor

Abby Strohman Another amazing week here in Paraguay, and just another day where I cannot imagine leaving this place and these people. But, I guess that’s a good thing. I’m constantly learning how to rely on God through every and all situations and let me tell ya, it’s been a great place to be! Well, this week and the rest of my time here is pretty much traveling all over the place. This week was youth camp so here is a little bit about what we did and what I’ve been learning! Camp: The camp was in a town called Caazapau and was really fun and had lots of games, sermons, small groups, and free time! The time was fun as although I could not speak a whole lot of Spanish, some of the girls ran with it and learned some basic English phrases to say to me. For instance, … Read More

Mi corazon esta lleno ❤️ (my heart is FULL)

Abby Strohman Mom: “You know you come back to the states in a month right?” Me: “Ummm…excuse me?” WOW WOW WOW! Time has passed so incredibly quickly! I don’t want to imagine leaving this place, but it is starting to sink in what a small amount of time I have left here. Needless to say…God has continued to rock my world this week. So, here is a little bit about what has been going on specifically! School: This week has been AMAZING. Although my language ability is still very low, I have learned so much more and am able to better communicate to the students. SUCH A PRAISE!! I taught the 4th grade class I “I’ve got the joy down in my heart” and it was a HIT. Let me tell you guys, there is nothing like listening to a bunch of kids singing so happily about Jesus (and yes, … Read More