Bob & Gayle Murray (USA Regional Director/South Sudan)

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Praise for the ministry that continues through the clinic in Doro, and that people hear the gospel there and some respond. Pray for wisdom in making decisions regarding the future of ministry in South Sudan, especially regarding the many personnel changes that are occurring. Pray that the South Sudanese churches will be encouraged and continue to expand the work of evangelism and discipleship. Pray for wisdom for Bob in his new responsibilities related to project finances and other administrative issues.

Sean & Heather Dupont (Appointees/Niger)

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Praise for the Lord’s call on the Duponts to serve the people of Niger through medical missions. Since Sean’s last day at Mayo was December 15, pray for the family as they are now preparing full-time for their scheduled departure on January 27. Pray for safe travel and meaningful conversations as they say goodbye to family and friends. Pray that their upcoming training sessions will not be overwhelming for them and for good adjustments for their children to all the changes. Pray also that the rest of their needed finances will be raised in the remaining time.

Dave & Jenny (Asia)

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Praise for an overall smooth transition back to their place of ministry, hospital work, and homeschooling now for some four months. Pray for a short to mid-term volunteer to help with homeschooling. Praise for a good time hosting two interns for two months during the summer. Pray for the hospital staff and patients, since in the humid monsoon season, patient visits have surged from the normal of 200-250 per day to 300-350. Pray as well for a decision and all the logistics as Dave and Jenny consider moving to a different hospital in the western part of the country after a year.  

Kevin & Rebekah Howell (Paraguay)

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Praise for the Howell family’s plan to stay three years in Jataity to minister. Pray that they will settle well into their new community and make the place home. Pray for an outreach to Lima (in Paraguay), and pray that the Lord will stir the hearts of Christians in neighboring communities to join in the mission of offering medical care, encouragement and God’s Word to this community. Pray that one mother and son with whom Rebekah meets will follow the Lord in baptism soon. Pray that six disciples in their community will grow spiritually as the Howells mentor them.

Chuck & Bev Truxton (USA Retirees)

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Praise that a Nigerian pastor who was a good friend of the Truxtons during their service there is doing well after release from his recent kidnapping. Praise also that his driver, who was shot in the leg, is out of the hospital and recovering well. Praise that Chuck had a safe flight to Nigeria, and pray for him as he works on several projects for the Conference Center at Miango, as well as awaits other assignments. Pray for a young Nigerian colleague who, though refused a visa to study in the USA this year, has many opportunities to give leadership and assistance in other ECWA programs and organizations.

Sadie & Becky Ester (Niger)

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Praise for the healing of Sadie’s back pain and a safe trip to and from the US to visit family. Pray for strength for the new school year at Sahel Academy, which begins August 9, and for staff members and families who are traveling back to fill various positions and for all those taking on extra responsibilities. Pray that Sadie and Becky will display God’s love as they begin their new ministry in the dorm. Pray for them as, in addition to being dorm assistants, they will teach elementary PE, Sadie will continue with the youth ministries team, and Becky will help with elementary students. Pray also for the spiritual emphasis week scheduled for August 21-25.

Nathan & Sara Krupke (SIM USA)

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Praise that Nathan has accepted the role of Chief Financial Officer of SIM USA and began this work as of March 1. Praise also that the Krupkes were able to attend the recent SIMGo training, fellowship with many SIM families, and scope out neighborhoods for potential housing. Pray that they will continue to have a productive time raising their needed support, and pray for all the logistics of moving the family from Texas to North Carolina. Pray also for safety in travel as Nathan commutes between the two states before the time comes when the family can relocate.

Jonathan & Bonnie Moore (Niger)

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Praise that the Moores arrived back in Niger in January in time to attend SIM Niger’s Spiritual Life Conference. Praise also for finances that enabled their church building to be given a “face lift,” and for the spiritual fruit evident in some lives. Praise for the Scripture memory work underway, and for one man who memorized six chapters. Pray for an early convert who drifted, but has been alcohol free for five months and is in church again. Pray as the Moores minister to people in the church and town, in Bonnie’s literacy classes, and in Jonathan’s sports meetings/visits with trained coaches and supporting churches.

Mark & Rae Wilson (Guinea)

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Praise for progress on producing The Way of Righteousness radio series. Pray for supernatural protection over the process of recording, that the three “voices” will work together harmoniously during recording sessions, that the equipment will continue to run and the recordings will be preserved. Pray also for Rae in her advocacy role to the hearing community for helping deaf Christians to reach their own communities. Praise that she is also continuing to learn the local sign language from a deaf teenager.