Not long after he became a Christian, God put a burden on Kwan’s heart for a particular Muslim country. There was just one problem. It was impossible for Kwan to move to that country as a “traditional” missionary.

“With the blessing of my church,” he said, “I decided to apply to study a language course there, to get to know the culture and to see what other opportunities might open up.”

God opened up an unexpected opportunity…


“I had already qualified as a Kung Fu master in my own country,” Kwan continued. “One day, a classmate asked me to teach him Kung Fu. Before long, he was coming to my house for lessons every day.”

That class eventually grew into a Kung Fu club, which Kwan now runs as a business in that country. He has about 20 students, most of them Muslim young men.

“After a tough class, we often sit together resting and chatting about life. This is a very religious society, so the topic of faith often comes up, and I am sometimes asked for my perspective. The culture here means that it’s very rare for someone to express interest in the gospel in front of others, but on occasion one or two of the lads will come and talk to me privately and that gives a chance for us to discuss things more openly.”

So far, Kwan hasn’t seen anyone come to know the Lord, but Kwan remains faithful. “I’m hopeful that as time goes on and business opportunities continue to grow, God will use my little Kung Fu club for his glory.”


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