From an early age, I was searching and praying about how I could fit into what God was doing worldwide. In the first grade, I vividly remember being at a Sunday night missions service at my church where a family serving in Pakistan was asking for a tutor to come with them and help homeschool their children. I don’t remember if I raised my hand or said anything but I know that in my heart I thought, “I can do that!” Obviously, at the time, I could not serve as a teacher, but God tucked that call away in the back of my mind.

It wasn’t until I started Bible school that I became more aware of the various needs of families that serve abroad, and specifically the challenges of schooling. While at school, I met some children of missionary families (MKs), and they really opened my eyes to a huge field that, to me, seemed largely ignored. As I began to research and learn more about the various schooling options and resources for families serving abroad, God began tugging my heart and showing me that He had a specific fit for me.

The more I learned about the history of MK education the more I came to see the value in commitment to and passion for MK education which I feel SIM has. I specifically looked for organizations that had a history in MK education because I thought they would be the organizations that have worked through various things and have policies and procedures in place to best support the children and the teachers.

Lord willing, I will be teaching in the elementary department at Sahel Academy in Niamey, Niger, beginning in the 2019/2020 school year. I will have the privilege of teaching children and encouraging them to grow academically and spiritually. By living abroad, my future students already have a unique worldview, and through the ministry of Sahel, I can challenge my students to be critical thinkers and to really make their faith their own. Additionally, through teaching I can support families to thrive together as they serve overseas.

I think the value of teaching with SIM is that I am a part of a larger whole. God has called every one of my future students parents’ to serve Him in Niger in a specific and unique capacity, and by my being there as a teacher, I can provide them the space to pursue that calling with confidence. Another aspect of supporting the family for me is in long-term teaching. There are so many transitions in the life of an MK and there is an element of stability and continuity in being there long term.

As I prepare for my time at Sahel, I would greatly appreciate your prayers. Please pray with me that God would raise up the prayer and financial support that I need in order to go. As I begin language school, pray that God will continue to give me a teachable heart to take in all that I can from my mentor teachers. Finally, join me in praising God that on this journey, He has brought me to where I need to be, all in His timing.


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