JAN. 11 – APR. 27, 2022


MAY 24 – AUG. 5, 2022


AUG. 16 – DEC. 9, 2022

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There are two potential groups the intern could minister among: 1) Children (elementary school age) of low-income areas that come for an after-school program and 2) College students
We are convinced that no one should live or die without hearing and understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ in Uruguay and around the world. For this reason, we believe that God has called SIM missionaries to this country to be instruments who reach, train, and equip new generations of Uruguayans for Jesus Christ. Through the LAUNCH internship program, we're able to reach children with the gospel in a unique way through the after-school program. For the college students, we work with a ministry that builds relationships through sharing meals, playing games, and having conversations.
Our SIM team currently has people from Bolivia, USA, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, and Uruguay.
You will most likely stay in one of the SIM apartments in the SIM compound; however, this may depend on the number of interns participating in the internship.


If you’re interested in joining our LAUNCH internship program, complete the below form, and a member of our team will be in touch to learn more about your interests and discuss next steps.

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Please note that SIM missionaries raise financial support. We trust God to provide and we will assist you in the support raising process! If this is a concern for you, our recruitment team will be happy to discuss this process with you further.