JANUARY 6 – APRIL 21, 2020


MAY 26 – AUGUST 7, 2020


AUGUST 18 – DECEMBER 2, 2020

Expand the questions below to learn more about our 2020 internships in South Asia.

International School Opportunity

Teaching assistant, librarian, IT support, website design – what are your talents? Our school is an exciting place to serve as we get to model and plant God’s truth in children and the school community.
International students, many dual citizens; there are about 30 nationalities represented.
Our team is comprised of workers from approximately 12 different nationalities.
All instruction is in English; however, you are welcomed to study the local language if that interests you.
Housing will be in teacher accommodation in shared housing (2-3 people in a 3 bedroom apartment). The apartments are fully furnished to a comfortable standard.
This school is central to the work God is doing in our city by supporting mission families and providing a base to build relationships in a self-selected community that is open to Christ.
You should have a heart of service and be willing to collaborate. You should be motivated by your faith in Christ. You also need to be flexible.

Transformation Center Opportunity

This internship opportunity involves working with a primary school for children living in the slums, training women in sewing, vocational training, adult literacy, and development work.
Children living in slums, as well as women
It is a diverse and dynamic team currently made up of members from seven different countries: America, Australia, Ethiopia, India, South Korea, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.
This internship is in a urban area. You will either share a flat with either a host family or a mini flat with a team member.
You will be expected to develop relationship and interact with the children, women, and the community—sharing cultural views, teaching spoken English, sporting activities, creative ideas, arts, innovations, generally making great impact among them. Above, we ask that you live out the gospel among the community you'll be working in.


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Please note that SIM missionaries raise financial support. We trust God to provide and we will assist you in the support raising process! If this is a concern for you, our recruitment team will be happy to discuss this process with you further.