JANUARY 6 – APRIL 21, 2020


MAY 26 – AUGUST 7, 2020


AUGUST 18 – DECEMBER 2, 2020

*Whole Person Care Preceptorship available during summer only.

Expand the questions below to learn more about our 2020 internships in Nigeria.

Urban Ministries: SIM Nigeria has a wide array of ministries in the inner city of Jos with opportunities developing in the north as well. We have multiple care centers for orphans and vulnerable children, a widow’s center, three schools, and opportunities for engagement in evangelism in prisons, brothels and other strategic locations. We welcome those interested in children’s ministries, discipleship, sports, outreach, creative arts, sewing/crafts, farming & agricultural assistance, and vocational skills.

Relationship Building: BRiCC (Building Relationship in City Centre) is a community center that aims to bring people of diverse faiths together through community programs and mutual goals. We welcome interns interested in business development, after-school tutoring, skills development, English teaching, health teaching, and sports outreach.

Medical/Health: SIM Nigeria has four possibilities for hospital placement in various clinical specialties. We welcome medical electives and medical mission exposure trips for doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other allied health professionals in training. The medical exposure trips include clinical observation and practice of skills under Nigerian supervision, surgical observation, visits to clinics and other health care settings, village medical outreach, community health, HIV/AIDS prevention and engagement with missionary health care professionals. Opportunity exists to engage in public health projects when established ahead of time. Opportunities exist for the field component following the Whole Person Preceptorship Program in California to participate in medical exposure opportunities.

English/Literacy: Interns may engage in adult literacy and TESOL programs in a variety of settings. There are opportunities to teach English in IDP camps (internally displaced people=refugees), in urban settings, and in church settings.

Children/Youth: Over half of the population is under the age of 14! We have many opportunities with a variety of children/youth ministries including teaching, youth pastor, children’s ministry, sports ministry, VBS programs (in August) or after-school activities.

Teaching: Though most schools close their sessions in July, we welcome interns to teach Bible, math, or English (or other topics) to IDP students, assist in curriculum development, tutor middle and high school students or to encourage local teachers in creative teaching methods. Open Doors is a special education center who welcomes education majors, K-6. Student teaching positions are available at an international school in Jos.

Business/Management: We welcome business or marketing consultants in several ministries. We can place those with office or secretarial skills, training in hospital administration or accounting, and those willing to teach business skills to nationals. We are also interested in those with entrepreneurial skills to come alongside Nigerian business people to learn how things are done in this culture with an aim to encourage and offer suggestions for expanding businesses.

Communications: We are looking for candidates with skills in photojournalism, graphic design, marketing, videography, writing and web design. Several ministries and the SIM office desire interns with these skills to help.

Computer/Technical/Engineer/STEM areas: Those with IT, computer programming, LAN/WAN or teaching skills, have opportunities to lend their expertise in our orphan care center schools (teaching/tutoring), teaching units in the ECWA Institute of Computer Technology on various topics, or using Lego Robotics to offer seminars in the community. We wish to develop hydroponics, water systems and community development using appropriate technology in Nigeria for those with engineering or technical skills. Often there are construction projects that can use general helpers, experienced painters and those with electrical, plumbing, or masonry skills.

Vocational Skills: We welcome those with practical skills in agriculture, animal husbandry, farming, catfish raising, auto repair, carpentry, metalworking and cooking/catering to assist in local ministries and develop vocational training opportunities.

SIM Nigeria is often able to customize a placement based upon a candidate’s skills and interest. Talk to us and let us consider how your skills can be used to bless others within our ministries or with local ministries. SIM Nigeria’s Engage! Internship program allows for 75 percent of time to be spent in ministry with 25 percent of time set aside for mentoring, language and culture engagement, and time to learn about missions through interactive “learning modules” on a growing number of topics (ATR, medical missions, poverty and wealth, Islam, etc.) If funds are available, we take interns to northern Nigeria to expose them to the incredible spiritual and practical needs in this context.
We have such a wide variety of ministries that it depends on where you are placed as an intern. Most are focused in discipleship ministries, but we often have interns doing outreach and ministering to a mixed population. We would also love interns to serve at our northern ministry hub.
By faith, SIM Nigeria sees:
• More than 75 million Muslims, and others living and dying without Christ in Nigeria, responding in faith to the Gospel message, transforming communities as they find freedom in Christ.
• Missionary teams in every state in the north, partnering with the Church to reach the Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri, where less than 10 percent of the people are Christians.
• The Church in one of Africa’s most influential and populous countries strengthened and equipped to transform society at every level, making a major impact in world mission this century.

SIM Nigeria has a two-prong focus:
• Reaching those who live and die without the good news of the gospel, with a particular emphasis upon the least reached communities in the north where 70+ million Muslims have yet to respond to the gospel message.
• Equipping and discipling the 70+ million Nigerian believers in their faith.

The internships assist in discipling and equipping, but we see our intern program as a key to exposing the next generation of world Christians to the needs in the least-reached communities so the Lord may call some of them to join in the efforts to reach our target groups. We see medicine and education as key strategies and have tried to plug interns into these ministries.
Currently we are mostly North American, but we have those from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany on our teams as well.
Interns are required to spend some time learning a little Hausa, but the majority of their ministry is done effectively in English.
Most interns live in a large apartment complex with their own apartment in the city. There is a strong community around them for social interactions and support. We are trying to expand our placements to a rural hospital in the south and another site in the north where there are also individual apartments. During their stay, you may choose to stay in a Nigerian home for a weekend.
We expect interns to:
• Participate in language study each week
• Engage in cultural activities, as well as ministries within your interests and skill set
• Take time to be exposed to other ministry settings (through a vision trip and visiting other ministries)
• Interact within community to get to know Nigerians
• Engage in structured learning modules to help you grow in your understanding of missions-related topics of your choice

We also expect that you will do your best to be culturally sensitive in how you dress and relate to the opposite gender in this conservative environment, as well as follow our outlined policies to keep you safe.


If you’re interested in joining our LAUNCH internship program, complete the below form, and a member of our team will be in touch to learn more about your interests and discuss next steps.

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Please note that SIM missionaries raise financial support. We trust God to provide and we will assist you in the support raising process! If this is a concern for you, our recruitment team will be happy to discuss this process with you further.