You may have heard about the recent security vulnerability, dubbed “Heartbleed”, which News outlets broke on April 7th 2014. “Heartbleed” is a security concern for websites running on a server that uses OpenSSL, an opensource software library, for encryption.

The SIM USA giving websites and the website of our payment vendor do not use the OpenSSL library and therefore neither are susceptible to the Heartbleed vulnerability.

In this technology-driven age, we strive to ensure that our donors and missionaries are safe using any of the services and resources we provide. Your online security is of the utmost importance to us, and we thank you for your continued trust and support of God’s work across the globe.

While our systems here in SIM are not vulnerable to this security threat, you may want to learn how this vulnerability may affect your other online interactions.

Please visit for detailed information about this vulnerability and what you can do to stay safe online.