Together, we’ll be a
Right now, there are people who are living and dying without the gospel. SIM is launching a powerful, fresh initiative called Faithful Witness that will:
of multi-cultural workers in communities around the world where there is no church and virtually no Christian witness.
with people who have never heard of Jesus or salvation through Him.
while they strive to become fully self-supported.

Driven by the same passion that motivated our founders 127 years ago, Faithful Witness is a commitment to our historic mission and vision. In addition to sending individual missionaries, we’re developing multi-cultural teams of workers who will minister together to demonstrate the goodness of Jesus and proclaim the gospel.

Each Faithful Witness team is made up of 10-12 workers and includes people from at least three different continents. This is key to breaking down cultural barriers.

When missionaries from different races are united in ministry, those observing can see that Christianity doesn’t belong to just one culture but is available to everyone.

Pray With Us to Launch a New Team in Nigeria —and More Teams in Three Other Nations

In 2020, we’re trusting God to send two new families from Ethiopia as a Faithful Witness team to a Muslim group in Nigeria. We’re committed to subsidizing the support of these workers, giving them the time they need to become fully self-supported.

This is an enormous blessing for missionaries coming from countries where it’s difficult to raise support—nations with less economic wealth and without a cultural understanding of support raising. We can help passionate, vibrant workers from around the globe get to their ministry assignment faster … so they can begin to share Jesus!

Currently, our Faithful Witness teams are focused on high-population communities in Chad, Mali, Nigeria, and Thailand—places that are challenging for gospel outreach and, sometimes, even hostile toward Christianity and missionaries.

Consider Giving to Help Send Another Faithful Witness Team