Together, we’ll be a
Right now, there are people who are living and dying without the gospel. SIM has launched a powerful, fresh initiative called Faithful Witness driven by the same passion that motivated our founders 128 years ago. Faithful Witness is a commitment to SIM's historic purpose, mission and vision to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known.
of multi-cultural workers in communities around the world where there is no church and virtually no Christian witness.
with people who have never heard of Jesus or salvation through Him.
while they strive to become fully self-supported.

Multicultural teams demonstrating the goodness of Jesus

We’re developing multicultural teams of workers who will minister together to demonstrate the goodness of Jesus and proclaim the gospel. Each Faithful Witness team is made up of 10-12 workers and includes people from at least three different continents. This is key to breaking down cultural barriers. When ministry workers from different ethnic backgrounds are united in ministry, those observing can see that Christianity doesn’t belong to just one culture but is available to everyone.

Often, the gospel is experienced through living life-on-life with friends, neighbors and colleagues. By expressing the gospel in the context of personal, authentic relationships, many will be drawn to the love of Christ into relationship with him. Teams will be multi-skilled, so a range of possible skill sets are welcome. Some examples include veterinary surgeons, animal husbandry experts, entrepreneurs, accountants, nurses and engineers.


Where do Faithful Witness teams serve?

Chad – We partner with like-minded organizations in eastern Chad to place workers among people who have no church in their mother tongue.

East Asia – Christian workers have been attempting to share the gospel with this people group for over a century, yet no revival has maintained momentum.

Mali – The Hassaniya people are open to receiving workers who will live among them and learn the language and culture. There are only a handful of known believers.

Middle East – This majority community, rich in potential, has for too long been robbed of hope. Team members will use professional skills to serve the community.

Nigeria – There are an estimated 20 million Fulani in Nigeria. Today, there is an open door for ministry among this least-reached, nomadic community.

North Africa – Through partnerships, workers will be placed on teams to serve alongside students and equip them to be disciple makers.

South Asia – The team is focused on community development and business opportunities, building relationships of trust with the community.

Thailand – Ayutthaya is 40 miles north of Bangkok. The team is focused on sports, community health education, and English language ministries in this city.

Pray with Us

Here are some specific ways you can pray with us for the Faithful Witness initiative:

  1. That the Lord will raise up workers for His harvest—individuals willing to be part of a multicultural team serving in hard places around the world.
  2. That the Lord will continue providing the resources—both financial and prayer support to meet the many needs of the initiative.
  3. That we will stay in step with Jesus all the way, led by His Holy Spirit and guided by His Word and love for all peoples.
Interested in joining a Faithful Witness team?

Would you like to become part of bringing the gospel to communities where He is least known? We are seeking those willing to come join us through prayer, resourcing and serving. Fill out this short form to start a conversation with us today!

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Please note that SIM missionaries raise financial support. We trust God to provide and we will assist you in the support raising process! If this is a concern for you, our recruitment team will be happy to discuss this process with you further.

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