By faith we see East African mission-minded churches fully engaged in global outreach, sending their missionaries to join mission communities around the world. Our purpose is to serve East African churches as they participate in global mission.

Communities where He is least known

The Marwari

The Marwari are landless, agricultural workers in Pakistan who worship Hindu gods. Through the ministry of a missionary family sent from East Africa, many Marwari have turned to Christ and have been baptized. The work of the Holy Spirit continues and hearts are opening to Jesus.


The Yao

The Yao of Malawi are ardently Muslim and very closed to the gospel. However, one community where we are working is showing encouraging interest. There, our East African missionary is meeting with seekers and new believers weekly to guide them in becoming true disciples of Jesus. We praise God that through these missionaries, Jesus’ name is being spoken in the community, and more Yao people have the opportunity of hearing the gospel.



Pray for travel funds to reach out to many migrant Marwari who go where there is employment.


Pray for Pakistan’s national stability, as many East African workers serve there, and for the challenges missionary families face in educating their children in that context.


Pray for God to open the hearts of Yao leaders at all levels of their societal governing structure.


Pray for God to open doors of ministry as our missionaries move to a different Yao town in Malawi.


Pray for the East African Office to work efficiently and with passion for facilitating ministry to the least reached.


Praise the Lord for screening committees to interview new missionary candidates in both Uganda and Kenya.

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