Clean Water

When water is deadly

An invisible killer lurks in the water of many villages in Bangladesh! Villagers are slowly poisoned—by water that should be refreshing and nourishing—and they don’t even know it.

Noresh was one of those villagers. He had the responsibility of caring for his family after his father died suddenly. When he noticed his family members acting sick he had their water tested and learned that it had dangerously high levels of arsenic! Poison!

Noresh and his family received a water filter to provide them with clean drinking water, but most of the people in his village still need help. “So many people in this area are still drinking poisoned water,” Noresh says.

Your gift today can help provide clean drinking water to families in a Bangladeshi village! And with your generous gift, you can help provide an entire village with water free of arsenic and hope for a better future.