Doro Medical Clinic

Relief for refugees

Nearly a quarter of a million people forced to leave their homes because of war struggle to survive in some of the harshest conditions in Africa. The village of Doro is home to an overcrowded refugee camp in this region of South Sudan. Last December, local tensions escalated into violence and SIM workers were evacuated. When they returned they found all of the supplies from the Nutrition Village had been looted—clothes and toys for children, nutritional supplements, and even bicycles used by community health workers to follow up with patients outside of the camp.

Every day more families arrive at the Doro refugee camp looking for relief from hunger and needing help to provide basic needs for their children. As the Nutrition Village still works to recover from the looting, you can help restock these essential items for families longing for hope.

Your gift today will provide the thrill of hope for families in South Sudan who struggle to live in the desperate conditions of a refugee camp, unsure what tomorrow will hold and even where they will get their next meal.