Victims of Trafficking

Breaking the chains


The promise of income and a brighter future convinced Shalu’s parents to send her to the city to work as a housemaid. But any dreams that this 14-year-old had, came crashing down as soon as she started experiencing abuse from her employer. Her innocence was stolen: all that was left was a hollow shell of a child struggling to survive.

By the time she was rescued by the police, her face was so darkened that even when she was still, she looked as if she were crying. She couldn’t even speak.

Hundreds of women and girls have been enslaved and endure unspeakable abuse in this South Asian city, but in partnership with a local church, SIM is providing a home for women who have escaped the torturous world of slavery and human trafficking.

In our aftercare home, Shalu found safety, shelter, and healing. After a few months, she started to speak again and even felt the Lord speaking to her about His peace—she now wants to better understand the love of God!

Your gift today will help bring hope to women and girls longing to escape the horrors they have faced at the hands of countless abusers.