Sharing Jesus with Muslims

Knowing Jesus–Knowing Hope

Aisha suffered terrible abuse at the hands of her husband, but that was only the beginning. Once the marriage was over, she faced even more intense cultural shame and rejection. Without a husband, Muslim women are often forced into poverty when their own families turn their backs and refuse to help care for them.

In one Muslim-dominated country, SIM missionaries are extending hope to Muslim women shunned and rejected by society, and building bridges by teaching them skills to earn and manage their own money—even start their own businesses! And as they teach the women, they tell about Jesus and share the gospel.

Aisha is now learning skills to support herself, and she’s learning God loves her, forgives her, and has a beautiful future for her. Today your gift can bring hope to more women who have been rejected like Aisha, and who need to know Jesus.

Your gift today will give the thrill of hope to women cast out by society. For women who have been told they are worthless and unwanted, your gift of love will bring hope for a brighter future.