Sports Friends

Relationships restored

When 11-year-old Maria’s family began to crumble, she started to battle resentment and depression. Her father tried to reach out, but Maria’s anger exploded and she told him she never wanted to see him again.

Lonely and confused, Maria wandered the streets of her neighborhood on the outskirts of Lima, Peru—desperate for friendship and acceptance—living on the edge of making bad choices that would affect her life forever.

A neighborhood Sports Friends coach noticed Maria always standing at the edge of their volleyball practices—curiously watching everything that took place—and she invited Maria in to participate. It was the friendship and acceptance she was so desperate for!

Maria became part of the team and learned about Jesus. She began to share her hurts and disappointments and found peace in learning about the unconditional love of God. Through the ministry of Sports Friends, she accepted Jesus and has restored her relationship with her father.

Your gift today is more than just a soccer ball or a fun time at camp . . . it is the tangible love of Jesus reaching youth at the point of their deepest hurts, in a place where they feel safe and accepted.