Bingham Fistula Center

Mourning into dancing


What should have been one of Bilhatu’s most joyful moments in life ushered in decades of suffering and hurt. After a long and painful labor, she lost her child and was left incontinent. Her body began leaking urine uncontrollably. For the next 24 years she would suffer the shameful and humiliating consequences of vesicovaginal fistula.

And then one day her heart leapt at the possibility of a solution, a cure.

When she arrived at the Bingham Fistula Center, God’s love met her there. The surgery that restored her body also encouraged her heart. After 24 years, she is free of her shame. And she was introduced to Jesus and His amazing love for her! Now Bilhatu is an ambassador for the center, bringing in more women who are suffering and telling them that they, too, can have hope.

Your gift will turn sorrow into joy for a woman who has been rejected and humiliated by society—feeling like she had no hope.