Bingham University Fistula Center

Bringing dignity and health to afflicted women


Aisha received a Cesarean section after three days of painful labor. But sadly, her baby had already died. Then Aisha began leaking urine uncontrollably. She had a condition called VVF (vesicovaginal fistula), which makes victims incontinent and leaves them isolated and ashamed.

Adding to her grief, Aisha’s husband abandoned her. In desperation, she came to the Fistula Center, where she received life-changing surgery. Now her incontinence is gone, her dignity restored. Best of all, Aisha learned about Jesus, the One who loves her unconditionally and will never abandon her.

The Fistula Center offers such life-changing treatment every day to women suffering from similar conditions. They receive vocational training to begin their lives anew—and hear the good news of Jesus.

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