Beauty for Ashes Restoration Home

Restoring women who’ve been trafficked and exploited


In big cities around the world, thousands of young women are forced into prostitution and treated like slaves. Subjected to constant abuse, they often fall into drug addiction.

The B4A (Beauty for Ashes) Restoration Home for Women in India offers these girls a refuge of love and peace. They learn that true love comes through Jesus Christ. And they’re encouraged to pursue an education that fits their interests and abilities.

As the eldest of six children, Ana had to fend for herself from an early age. She came to the city to find work, and soon found herself trapped in a life of cruel bondage.

That all changed when she came to B4A Restoration Home. She learned that true love comes from Jesus. And she found the confidence to resume her education.

Last February, Ana stood in a graduation ceremony and received her certification as a nurse. Now she’s on her way to a successful career and a new life.

Her story is like so many others who have found healing and restoration through B4A.

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