Redefining Essential:
Using Your Gifts & Skills to Make an Eternal Impact


COVID-19 has drastically changed the employment landscape in our nation and across the world. As millions of people were losing their jobs, many others—deemed essential workers—found themselves serving on the front lines of a global pandemic. From nurses to truck drivers to grocery store employees, the job roles that became essential were as diverse as the individuals filling them.

Have you thought about the roles we as a society deemed essential before COVID-19? Would you put cross-cultural ministry worker in that category?

Pursuing Eternally Essential Work

When we as Christ followers look at work through the lens of the Great Commission, every job role can be deemed essential…eternally essential. With eternity in mind—especially in these uncertain times—I think it’s important to ask ourselves some critical questions:

  • Am I truly using the gifts and skills God has given me in a way that seems eternally significant?
  • What if I could make an even greater impact for God’s kingdom, leveraging how He has uniquely gifted me?
  • Is God prompting me during this time of Global crisis to be open to a change? Will I continue in the same work I’ve been doing—where and how I’ve been doing it—or am I open to the possibility that the Lord might be leading me to something else or somewhere else?

Whether we work in health care, manufacturing, food service, banking, engineering, education, or anything else, what matters most is that the name of Jesus is proclaimed among the nations. No profession is holier than another when we’re living—and working—on mission for the glory of God. An estimated 3.1 billion people worldwide are living without the hope of the gospel. How can you use the work that you do to cross barriers in taking God’s good news to those who’ve never heard it?

Don’t Let Doubt Hold You Back

You may be doubting that God could use you in His global mission. Could your skills and experience actually be used to point others to Jesus? Doubt is normal. Even in the Great Commission account recorded in Matthew 28, we read that some disciples doubted, but the Lord still entrusted them with His command.

Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus called individuals from a variety of professions to be disciples who made disciples. He’s still doing that today. What about you? Is the Lord leading you to remain in your current profession but to step out of the familiar into the unfamiliar—perhaps serving in another culture or context? Is He leading you to explore a different profession, skill, or trade to make Jesus known among the nations?

Don’t Let Feelings of Inadequacy Hold You Back

When it comes to missions, many people think they’re not good enough or holy enough to serve as “a missionary.” Have you considered those God has used to accomplish His purposes throughout history?

The Bible portrays God working through murderers like Moses, prostitutes like Rahab, cowards like Gideon, persecutors like Saul, liars, cheaters, idolaters, and more to carry out His plan. God’s power is shown as perfect through our weaknesses—not our strengths.

As the early Church began to spread, the world was turned upside down—or right side up—by a group of disciples from all walks of life, all by the authority of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t Let Fear of the Unknown or the Uncertain Hold You Back

Are you afraid of the unknown and the unpredictable? Granted, there’s certainly no shortage of things to be afraid of in today’s world—that has always been the case. The reality is that we as humans are fragile, and our lives on earth are temporary. God, in His sovereignty, could take your life at any point, whether it’s through a car accident, a new strain of coronavirus, or a natural disaster. And that can happen here in our country—or anywhere in the world. In view of God’s sovereignty, we don’t have to be afraid of what we can’t predict. What we can do is trust God and act wisely in every situation. Do you believe that? Are you living that out?

Pause, Pray & Pursue Your Next Step

Before you close this article, take some time to pause and reflect on the fears or obstacles that would keep you from stepping into missions. Ask the Lord to show you if He has something more for you, whether it’s right where you are or maybe in a new direction. Ask Him to give you the faith to take steps of obedience into the unknown, trusting Him to guide you every step of the way. He is faithful, and He has designed you for a purpose. He will carry that out into completion. But remember, “You can’t move a parked car.” So take steps of faith until the Lord tells you otherwise. What have you got to lose? Think what the world might gain if you help advance the kingdom of God? We worship the limitless God of the Impossible!

If you’d like to explore your next step toward missions or discuss ways your gifts and skills could be used to advance the kingdom of God, connect with us today. Our team of mission coaches all have experience serving overseas. They would love to answer you questions, discuss your concerns, and pray with you. And whether SIM is a good fit for you or not, we’re here to journey alongside you as you take steps of faith to discover what God might have for you in the future.

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