We're Seeking 100 Health Care Workers to Begin Serving in Fall 2020 and Beyond
SIM Frontline Workers Are in Need of Relief

COVID-19 has put a strain on our current health care staff and their colleagues currently serving in over 40 facilities, located across 30 countries worldwide. We are asking the Lord to raise up 100 health care workers to begin serving fall 2020 and beyond on a part-time or full-time basis.

Workers currently serving on the front line are facing extremely long hours under difficult circumstances, as additional protocols have been put in place to protect patients, staff, and entire communities. Many countries around the world have never faced the harsh realities of a pandemic, leaving them under-prepared for a highly contagious, life threatening illness like COVID-19, with inadequate testing capabilities, limited treatment options, and no known vaccine.

Prior to the pandemic, many short-term support staff were scheduled to travel overseas to provide relief to our workers; however, these trips were canceled on account of the virus. Another difficult reality is that a number of our health care workers who were at higher risk themselves had to return to their home countries before borders were closed, leaving even fewer workers on our medical teams than normal.

Please Pray with Us

Would you please pause right now to pray for the many health care personnel serving around the world, not only with SIM, but with countless other missions organizations. Please pray not only for medical missionaries, but also for their national co-workers, especially those who may potentially be exposed to the virus and then are returning home to their families, putting them at higher risk as well. Please join us in thanking the Lord for mission workers who are committed to serving people through health care.

Are You Interested in Serving?

Are you a health care worker—or do you know someone who is—with a heart to serve others overseas? Would you please pray about giving some months to help bring relief to these teams? We need health care workers of all kinds from primary and specialty care physicians to nurses and administrators. We also need other skillsets to serve in support roles, such as maintenance workers, clerical staff, and chaplains to minister to patients and their families.

To learn more about what this might look like for you, please contact us today so we can talk through your concerns, the right opportunity and timing for you, and next steps. Most importantly, we’d like to pray for you as you explore how God is leading you to respond in the wake of this global health crisis.

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