Vulnerable children are starving now

Your gift today can mean the difference between life and death for a child.

In several African nations, hunger is ravaging families and orphaned children.

Jeannette was a 13-month-old baby who was so hungry she wouldn’t stop crying. Her grandmother was trying her best to care for her after Jeannette’s mother died, but she didn’t have enough food to give her . . .

Starvation threatens these young lives . . . but you can help!,

Your gift of just $36 can help feed a precious baby for a whole month. And if you can give even more, it will mean more babies have enough food.

Your support will provide infant formula for babies and nutritional meals for older children at SIM’s feeding clinics—we even give families goats for an ongoing source of milk. Thanks to friends like you, Jeannette now has enough to eat every month! And while we are providing for these children and families, we have open opportunities to share the good news of Jesus, and connect them to a local church.

Please, help now with whatever you can.

Thank you!

Yes! I want to help bring lifesaving food to the hungry in Africa.

Here’s my gift of:


to feed one hungry child for an entire month


to feed two children for a month


to feed four children for a month


to feed as many children as possible.