SIM partners with many agencies and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) around the world. We believe SIM is just one part of God’s global work, and that He uses people from all backgrounds to accomplish His work, so it simply makes sense for us to work alongside other groups. We are glad to be a part of what He is doing in and through our partner organizations!

As a mission agency we are unable to serve as a financial sponsor for individuals.  Each of our missionaries is required to raise support through churches, family, and friends.  While this can at times seem overwhelming, it is also a wonderful opportunity to partner with others and rejoice together in God’s provision.

Check out the sampling of partners listed below, or contact us to learn more.

Visit Our Ministry Partners to Learn More:

Asian Access
Asian Access is a nonprofit mission organization focused on developing emerging kingdom leaders who multiply churches across Asia, where 85% of the world’s unbelievers live.

Center for Intercultural Training (CIT)
CIT is a partnership of missional agencies, churches, and organizations dedicated to training and equipping missionaries and their families for cross-cultural ministry.

Columbia International University
At CIU passion runs deep, beginning in the classroom. You’ll be taught by professors who profess a faith in Christ and value scholarship as they share their expertise and life experiences with you.

Global Frontier Missions
Global Frontier Missions is a non-profit organization striving to put the Gospel of Jesus Christ within reach of every people group on Earth.

The Journey Deepens
The Journey Deepens Retreats are intensive weekends designed to not only link participants with missions coaches and agencies, but to provide sound Biblical teaching and guidance in spiritual preparation for missions work.

Kingdom Come Training
Kingdom Come Training exists to serve the church by connecting believers with the joy, the blessing, and the eternal reward of becoming the expression of Christ to the nations, and to help missionaries achieve and maintain their full support.

Offers an extended study of missions, hosted mainly in churches. Many SIM missionaries are recurring teachers at various Perspectives courses around the United States.

An accrediting and resourcing body for those who send, receive, facilitate and support short-term mission endeavors.