From Violence to Victory

Ministry through Sports Friends is changing lives around the world

Daniel was a reckless and violent boy in Nigeria. “The way my life was going was very dangerous,” he recalls. But on the soccer field his life took a turn for the better.

When he got involved with Sports Friends, a ministry sharing the gospel through sports, his coach showed him how to live with purpose and discipline. “I learned how to control my anger,” Daniel says. “I like the way I am now. My Sports Friends coach has become my main mentor. He changed my life, and through my life some other ones are changed too. They changed for good, because the way of God is good.”

Sports Friends is a unique ministry that’s introducing people to Jesus in an exciting way. And it’s growing! This summer Sports Friends is looking forward to reaching 10,000 youth with the gospel at their camps.

With your support, young people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are hearing the gospel while they receive training in their favorite sports.
Fellowship, fun, and the good news of Jesus Christ. Young people experience it all at a Sports Friends camp.

Would you like to see more lives changed? We’re trying to send 10,000 young people to Sports Friends camp this summer, where they’ll hear the gospel, many for the first time!

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