Abraham escaped the horrors of war only to face a new, more deadly enemy

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When Abraham was just a boy, he witnessed the carnage and cruelty of Liberia’s civil war. His family had to flee to Ghana where they lived as refugees for ten years.

They returned to Liberia only to face a new terror—Ebola. “It was more deadly,” he says, “because Ebola was an unseen enemy.” Abraham watched his little sister become sick and die. “It was the most difficult part of our lives,” he says, “but we tried to withstand.”

But his burden of grief only got heavier.

Then Abraham went to one of ELWA Hospital’s Trauma Healing workshops, where they address the emotional wounds of survivors. “There was a day for ‘taking our pain to the cross,’” he recalls. “And I stood there, and tears came to my eyes.” He describes his experience as lifting a burden, “like you have something on your head—and it has been removed.”

That was a turning point for Abraham. “SIM has touched my life through that program,” he says. “I was a different man before.” He’s particularly grateful for the practical help SIM offers Ebola survivors as they partner with the Evangelical Church of Liberia—providing food for families and orphans, and scholarships for children of single mothers. “They are reaching almost every corner of Liberia with the gospel,” he says. “I want to say thank you to all of the donors because their contributions have also touched my life and touched the lives of all the people.”

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