Quinton and Gail Friesen (USA)

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Praise for the successful trip the Friesens made to Ghana to prepare for the upcoming Ghana Medical Leadership Conference with 35 professionals from many countries invited. Pray that the goals, which are to build community, enhance collaboration, share knowledge, think strategically to discern God’s intention for medical ministries and seek integration of healthcare ministries with countries’ non-medical ministries will be met. Pray that the leadership DVD series, promoting local healthcare leadership development, will be completed by conference time. Pray also for the necessary money to fund the project (SIM project #90889).

Stan and Faith De La Cour (USA Office)

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Pray for Faith’s work as the SIM USA Communication Point Person for tracking with SIM’s Nepal Crisis Response team. Pray also for a structural engineer willing to give short-term service in Nepal. Pray for the May 13-17 SIMStart and wisdom as Stan and Faith meet with those applying for missionary service. Pray for the International Personnel Workshop being held on the SIM USA campus May 26-29 with people from various SIM sending and receiving countries. Pray for Stan as he meets with area churches to go over Church Partnership Agreements with SIM and also prepares for the June National African American Missions Conference.

Warren Daniels (USA/Retiree)

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Praise for the small school houses being built as one of the means of evangelizing Northern Nigeria, and for Warren’s part in this work. Pray as he both builds and teaches dedicated Nigerian builders how to build quickly, economically and durably. Pray that funds will be available to build more school houses which are to be staffed with national missionary teachers. Pray as he travels there in June to build a small three-bedroom Nigerian teacher’s house that will be a model. Pray for the nationals who superintend construction and have to be away from family for a month at a time, sometimes in uncomfortable and dangerous circumstances.

Louis and Anne Carter (USA)

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Praise for the productive time they have had this past month at Tenwek Hospital in Western Kenya. Praise for teaching Louis has given to general surgery residents and the orthopedic staff, as well as demonstrating plastic and hand surgery techniques to the residents and staff. Praise also for Anne’s busy days of teaching new operating room staff. Pray for them, since their US home was recently flooded, with the loss of many valuable and irreplaceable possessions. Pray for their daughter as she organizes the exhausting clean-up process, and for them as they return home soon, with plans to leave again for Nigeria the first week of June.

Steve and Esther Smith (USA)

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Praise for the impact Steve is having in the lives of those who attend CIT in NC to take culture and language acquisition training. They write, “The little that we have learned in our 17 years in ministry to the Wolof of Senegal we have been able to share with missionaries just now heading to the field.” Pray for the Smiths as they prepare to return to Senegal one more time to pack up their house there and say goodbye to Senegalese friends, boarding school friends and SIM teammates. Pray that the Lord will quickly provide the $6000 needed for the whole family to return, as their tickets need to be purchased soon.

Jon and Jenifer (USA/Culture ConneXions)

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Pray for their church this weekend as they meet to consider how to reach out in love to serve those of another faith in their community. “Our prayer is that new laborers would be raised up, hearts of former laborers would be re-ignited to love and service, and people would be encouraged to interact with their neighbors.” Praise for answered prayer for some of the members of their group facing difficult circumstances. Praise that one family’s little boy, who is critically ill, has recently been more comfortable and peaceful, and pray that the advance of heart and brain cancer would stop.

Rosie Roth (USA Retiree)

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Praise that Rosie has returned to Kenya this week and is preparing to teach and encourage rural evangelists through seminars in several new places where she has not ministered before. Praise also that she has had time and anointing to prepare materials she will use while there and has received the finances needed for ministry both in Kenya and later in England. Pray for the people who will be receiving her words of encouragement, and for safety in travel as she will need to travel over many muddy roads, since it is the rainy season.