Jon & Jenny Stoll (USA/International Ministry)

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Praise that Jon’s Friday night classes with people from nine different countries represented are growing and bearing fruit. Praise for one young mom who recently accepted Christ. Pray that God will protect her as she returns to and lives in her home country as a new Christian. (Persecution is a reality there.) Praise for the deepening of friendships that resulted from the movie nights they have had in their home. Pray that more internationals will come to faith in Christ through Jon and Jenny’s friendship with them and his teaching.

Becky Wright (USA)

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Praise for the presentation of the Christmas story at two events for English learners in December. Pray that those who attended the events will retain what they heard and that their understanding of who Jesus is will continue to grow. Praise that Becky has finished the Missionary Training School and can now work toward fully moving into her new role with Global Frontier Missions. Pray for grace as she learns how to manage a website, takes over some publications and helps produce several videos in the coming year.

John & Beaj Reed (USA/Sebring Retirement Village)

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Praise that many retired missionaries are “retreaded” and continue to serve the Lord. Pray for those who lead Good News Clubs after school in four different schools in Highlands County – with two having more than 80 children attending each week! Pray for the Reeds as they help care for the Sebring Village with 42 acres and 80 structures that often seem to need attention. They write, “Reflecting back on 2017 we have been challenged by the Lord to love and serve Him willing, lovingly, with a smile.” Pray that their prayer will be answered in 2018 as well.

Ray & Jayne Hutchison (East Central Regional Director/USA)

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Praise for Ray’s recent opportunities to interact with college students and staff about world missions at several Christian colleges, as well as at a Missions Fair for secular college students. Pray for more recruitment opportunities to send out short and long-term workers. Praise also for the Trauma Healing ministry (TH) and for Ray’s work toward racial healing in the US through TH. Pray as he and an SIM colleague arrange three TH events in connection with the National African American Missions Conference in 2018. Pray the Lord will continue to open doors to racial healing through TH.

Transformational Education Network/TEN3 (USA)

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Praise for TEN3’s “Families and Media” ministry materials, developed as a seminar for mothers, but now expanded to include fathers and youth. Praise also for the Bible study for parents to use to then teach their families. Praise that ECWA International College of Technology in Jos, Nigeria, has now adapted “Families and Media” as part of its core curriculum, with great results. Pray for five Nigerians as they finish the Bible curriculum training in order to begin education centers in other communities. Praise for God’s provision of equipment to expand ministry in Nigeria. Pray that it will be used powerfully for God’s glory.

Brandon and Cheri Boyd (USA)

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Praise that the Boyds were able to help debrief 100 missionaries coming for home assignment, plus help 45 pre-field missionaries and their 113 children who came through the SIM USA office this summer for training. Pray for continued strength as the Boyds start a new season with two different groups coming for training during October. Pray for healing, strength, and perseverance for Cheri as she is experiencing some strange symptoms that seem to be neurological in nature. Pray also for increased support.

Kendrick and Alicia Lau (USA)

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Praise for the many fruitful years the Laus had at Galmi Hospital in Niger. Pray for them on their home assignment as they invest in renewal, resource development and preparing for their next assignment. Pray for grace and patience as they transition back to life in the States, and for Kendrick as he begins a new role in January with SIM’s Healthcare Ministries team, supporting SIM’s global healthcare ministries and institutions. Pray also for him as he travels back to Galmi for a month to help out during malaria season, and for the rest of the family while he is gone.

Dan & Corrie Linsz (USA)

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Praise for the Lord’s surprising new direction for the Linsz family’s future ministry after the door to Paraguay closed due to their traumatic experience while in language school in Costa Rica. Praise that Dan’s gifts and skills are presently needed in Ethiopia to mentor the leaders of the SIM clinic and local school, using English as the desired communication language. Praise that the option of a two-to-three year term is a possibility, with the opportunity then of continuing or returning to the US in light of their boys’ educational needs. Pray for their plans and transition to Ethiopia in early 2018. Pray also for additional support funds needed.

Brian & Cathy Bliss (USA)

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Praise for the opportunity Brian is having to teach the Paths to School Improvement (PSI) courses in Africa, which is targeting low-resourced schools on how to reach appropriate and attainable standards. Praise for encouraging feedback from school-leader participants who are reporting significant changes in their documentation, staff development, teaching practices and relationships with their communities. Pray for wisdom for Brian as he attends important meetings at ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) to explore the next steps for the PSI program.