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Prang escaped the power of evil through the steadfast witness of believers. Photo courtesy Mark Fischer The spiritual world was always real for Prang. But it was the world of dark, evil spirits. Prang’s mother was a medium who communicated regularly with an ungodly spirit. “When my mother prayed she could sense the spirit surrounding her,” Prang recalls. “My mother knew something in the darkness was trying to tighten its grip on her. And the longer she worked for the spirit, the more afraid she became.” That terror spread to Prang’s entire family. “Everyone in my family was very fearful, and we all suffered because of these spirits,” she says. “Our family had no peace.” Prang’s escape from the darkness came through Simon, her Christian employer, who demonstrated his strong faith even through severe trials. “I saw a wonderful thing in Simon’s life,” she remembers. “I became a Christian because … Read More

Denise Poon (Thailand)

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Praise for the opportunities Denise has had to document the experiences of missionaries living in many different locations, including some in very urban settings, with all the challenges that brings. Pray for her as she continues to study the Thai language with a helper. Praise that she has extended her term in Thailand by one year. Pray for discernment and peace for her as she prays about whether to switch from her current role in communications/media to campus outreach, ministering to university students.


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Sports Friends has ministries in many of the far-flung corners of the world; from Peru to Nigeria to Thailand. The mental scenes that correspond to those places might be something like a dusty plain with children playing football under a tree with wide, spreading branches. Or a field lined with palm trees, young girls avoiding monsoon-season puddles as they practice volleyball. And sure, these picturesque rural settings really are some of the places where Sports Friends works, but what about sports ministry in an urban context, where fields and courts are not in open spaces but tucked amidst buildings and side streets? “Wherever you are, kids are kids,” Coach Si says of what it’s like reaching out to young people in the city. But that only goes so far. “It’s hard to develop relationships with kids here.” Coach Si is a pastor at a small church in Bangkok doing outreach … Read More

Brett & Liv Steffen (Thailand)

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Praise for the Steffens’ gospel outreach through their business, Expat Homes, which is now three years old with three original employees, plus an administrator and soon another maintenance person. Praise for their Friday morning breakfasts, where personnel shares what each is thankful for and what was difficult in the past week. Pray for business growth in revenue, and godly impact on the employees and people being served resulting in conversions soon. Pray for strength and encouragement for Brett and Liv in this difficult outreach, and also for their family time in the US August 25 – November 8.

Alyssa Miller (Appointee/Thailand)

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Praise that Alyssa has completed her employment and is now fully engaged in training and final preparations before leaving for Thailand. She writes, “As I get closer to my departure date, God is giving me an excitement about the impact Sports Friends can have on the youth of Bangkok.” Pray for her during this busy summer of various types of training, plus raising prayer and financial support. Pray for strength and endurance as she continues to prepare well here before going to serve in a city where ministry can be challenging.

Sports Friends (SIM International)

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Pray for the ministry of Sports Friends in Bankok, Thailand, where, in a city of millions with so many readily available distractions, there is still room for isolation and loneliness. Pray for the Thai coach as he seeks to develop a sports ministry. He writes, “When I see kids even just show up, that’s encouraging to me. When I see the kids enjoying themselves it helps me want to stick with it – I thank God that I can work with them and serve them.” Pray that many will find Christ and become a part of a church in the city.

Wendy Alexander (Thailand)

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Praise that Wendy has purchased her tickets and is scheduled to return to Thailand on June 24. Pray that she will be able to raise the 15% of support she still lacks while visiting churches and friends in the five weeks before she is scheduled to depart. Pray that the Lord will continue to give her excitement and eagerness to return to her home, friends and ministry there. Pray for her in the difficult process of saying goodbyes.

MY STORY: A spirit of freedom

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Prang and her family had a history with oppressive evil spirits. When Prang began knowing Christ, she finally felt peace and freedom from the spirits that used to plague her. “She’s experienced many struggles in her life and has been really open about it,” says SIM cross-cultural worker Genine Thomas, who has developed a strong friendship with Prang, who is her family’s  house helper in Thailand. “I see her more as a friend than my house helper. I’m thankful she can be open with us in sharing what she’s feeling, asking for advice, and reading the Bible. She’s growing more as a Christian.” I began wanting to know more about God because I was having a lot of terrible problems with evil spirits that were bothering my family. My mother was a medium and she communicated for an evil spirit. When my mother was possessed by the spirit, she would … Read More

Ryan & Heidi Hannah (Thailand)

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Praise for God’s provision of land for Grace International School, and pray He will provide the money needed for the school buildings. Pray for missionaries needed to fill leadership and management roles, as well as others willing to work among the Thai to build relationships, share the gospel and plant churches. Pray for safety in travel as the Hannahs attend the International Leadership Development Program in Malta April 29-May 11. Pray also that they will find grace and strength for their busy schedules and balance responsibilities well.