Crossing Barriers to Filipino Muslims

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Ibrahim, a former Filipino Muslim, and his wife Mae are crossing cultural and religious barriers in Mindanao to support Islamic communities and the people who serve them. Through local arts, storytelling and the House of Barnabas retreat center they are hoping to introduce Muslim Filipinos to the prophet Isa – Jesus. I am a Storyteller He saw the group of university students from a distance and approached. They were packed into a crowded public area on a campus that is 98 percent Muslim students. Ibrahim approached them with a simple introduction. “I am a storyteller,” he said. They looked intrigued as he told them the Bible story of Jesus healing the paralytic man. Ibrahim pointed out that like the crowded house in the story, the students were also sitting elbow to elbow in the tight space. “We came to the part of the story where Jesus forgave the sins of … Read More