Stitching Dreams

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By Sarah K. The morning is in full swing at Kiran. Sitting in the middle of the room, Kashvi is crocheting colorful yarn into egg-shaped balls that will become owls and octopi. Next to her, Eva is sewing a handbag from cloth with a delicate floral design set against a white background. Near the window, Anaya has stopped sewing a pocket into a handbag to examine the design of a layered necklace made from recycled sari cloth. Her fingers run the length of a strand of cloth beads before stopping to prod at an individual bead. “There must be something wrapped inside of this,” she observes aloud before passing it on to the next seamstress for consultation. In their own casual – but expert – way these women are reverse-engineering products like this necklace all the time. Kiran is a not-for-profit business started by the staff at Shalom, an NGO … Read More