The development of teachers, leaders and students through education and short term training

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Teachers can influence with an eternal impact. Throughout this edition of By Prayer we will pray for people in a variety of settings where leaders are teaching, training, equipping, mentoring and more. As you pray for these requests, reflect on leaders who have influenced you. Thank God for them, and thank them if you can. Emulate them. Pass on to others the things you learned from great teachers. Lift up the gifted trainers, educators and administrators who are passionately passing on what they have learned to others who will do the same. May we all have teachable hearts, continually learning from our heavenly teacher, by prayer.

Reaching the least reached through emerging missions, business, camping, sports, youth and campus ministries

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We invite you to join us in this March and April prayer calendar to read about and pray for SIM’s commitment to share the gospel where it has not been heard. We will explore some uniquely nontraditional forms and settings for sharing Jesus. Emerging missions is sending missionaries from the global church. Business is a way of sharing and showing the gospel. Children are hearing this good news through sports, camps, and Bible clubs. Is there a way you can use a new approach to reach people near you with the gospel? Let’s advance the kingdom together each day of the calendar, by prayer.  

Spiritual Vitality and Intentional Growth Through Discipleship, Mentoring, and Training

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Discipling disciplers is a priority because it is Jesus’s mandate to His followers. SIM partners with thousands of local church leaders who are being equipped and empowered to disciple others effectively, helping them grow in faith and establish deep roots. They are discipled to make disciples. Yet this effort is not just for pastors and missionaries. It’s something all of Jesus’s followers around the world are instructed to do. Our discipleship and spiritual growth happens in dependence on Jesus as we follow Him diligently. Who is God leading you to disciple? As you pray over the next two months, listen for how God’s voice is directing you to a person or group to disciple, by prayer.