Abigail (Former Appointee with SIM)

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Praise for a divine intervention at a church, after Abigail had shared her vision to minister in North Africa, when a young lady insisted that she meet her brother now serving in South East Asia. Praise for the email connection they made, for a subsequent week-long trip Abigail took to visit him, and for the guidance she received from her mentor at SIM not to proceed to North Africa. Pray for her as she remains in the US to await the return of this young man in a few weeks. Pray for them both as they build the necessary foundation for their relationship, marry, and work through the necessary changes in their mission-sending status.

My Story: Cries of the Heart

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Loud wails rose into the office at Redlight Greenlight from the girls’ residence two stories below. I ran down the uneven stairs to find Manisha trying to force the door open. She was crying, “I want to go home! I want to go home!” Though she was taller and much stronger than me, the look on her face reminded me of a three-year-old, lost and wailing for her mother. Manisha’s wailing soon turned into banging her head against the wall. One of our caregivers appeared, whispered something into her ear, and gently moved her away from both the door and the wall. Her cries continued. This became a pattern with Manisha. She had been with us for almost a year, but her agitation – related to manic depression – suddenly escalated. Her outbursts were causing Redlight Greenlight to become emotionally and physically unsafe for the other girls. She would now … Read More


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Sports Friends has ministries in many of the far-flung corners of the world; from Peru to Nigeria to Thailand. The mental scenes that correspond to those places might be something like a dusty plain with children playing football under a tree with wide, spreading branches. Or a field lined with palm trees, young girls avoiding monsoon-season puddles as they practice volleyball. And sure, these picturesque rural settings really are some of the places where Sports Friends works, but what about sports ministry in an urban context, where fields and courts are not in open spaces but tucked amidst buildings and side streets? “Wherever you are, kids are kids,” Coach Si says of what it’s like reaching out to young people in the city. But that only goes so far. “It’s hard to develop relationships with kids here.” Coach Si is a pastor at a small church in Bangkok doing outreach … Read More


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Brian & Ruth Clark (SIM International/SIM USA)

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Pray for the finance team in the International office, which lost a staff member recently who had to resign suddenly. Pray for him and his family’s needs. Pray for the remaining staff members as they determine how his work will be covered. Pray that the Lord will bring excellent new people to join the team. Pray also for many changes that will be coming this year with new financial software being installed soon. Pray also for Ruth as she continues her Member Care involvement.

Diary of a Rescue

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Intervening on behalf of those lured into slavery isn’t all about infiltrating brothels and kicking down doors in police raids. Rescue is perhaps more bureaucracy than action and for every person set free, there is a great deal of behind-the-scenes coordination, research, and preparation. Here’s an office-eye-view of one rescue. The Table The staff who will soon gather around this table work for an NGO that secures justice for vulnerable groups including the poor living in urban slums, bond slaves and sex slaves. But what makes JVI unique is its chameleon-esque adaptability. JVI teams survey the needs of a particular city and seek to help where nothing currently exists, partnering with a wide variety of other organizations. In one city, they provide legal support and representation for men who are destined for life in prison without ever going to trial. In another, they help provide freedom-producing work to victims of … Read More

Business as Mission

  Intentional discipleship through sustainable businesses that focus on relationships bringing community transformation. Intentional Discipleship Sustainable Businesses Relational Community Transformation What is Business as Mission? Get Involved Have you ever considered using your professional and business skills to make a difference in the world for Christ?  If your answer is yes, you may be a good fit for Business as Missions (BAM).Under the conviction that “no one should live and die without hearing God’s good news,” SIM believes that God has called us to make disciples of Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known. BAM seeks to engage the unreached through a legitimate business to introduce Jesus Christ to them and make disciples. As a result, communities are transformed spiritually, economically and socially.How does a successful BAM endeavor do this? By relying on God with much prayer, a BAM business hires local people who need Christ and establishes relationships … Read More

SIM and MECO International join hands in the Middle East

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18 March 2016 SIM and MECO International are joining hands in a determined effort to drive the gospel forward as we work with churches and other organizations in the Middle East. The region offers one of the biggest gospel opportunities of our generation and this new initiative will seek to put more workers into Middle East countries. Both SIM and MECO leadership teams believe that together they are far better able to take the good news of Jesus to where he is least known than either could have done individually. Mike Parker, MECO International Director, said, “This is a historic moment for both organisations. “It represents a reaffirmation of our shared commitment to proclaim Christ and make disciples where he is least known, to live out the love of Christ and to partner with churches and other organisations to strengthen Christian witness across the Middle East.” Joshua Bogunjoko, SIM International Director, … Read More