Ralph & Maridee Sauers (SIM USA)

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Praise for the ministry the Sauers have to help people connect with God’s heart for the world and prepare them well for service. Pray for Maridee as she works in Member Care to encourage missionaries, many of whom serve in difficult places under very trying circumstances. Pray for encouragement and healing for Ralph as he recovers from extensive surgery needed to repair a severely-fractured wrist that did not heal properly. Praise that many of the short-term missionaries he has worked with the past few years are returning as long-term ones.

Stan & Faith De La Cour (SIM USA)

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Praise for Stan’s trip to Kenya to assist staff at the House of Hope School lead a trauma healing workshop, for the positive response of students as they worked through the material and for a young mother who gave her life to Christ. Pray that the De La Cours are finding rest and renewal in their time away to celebrate Stan’s birthday and their 35th anniversary and that no crisis arises at SIM that would pull them away from this much-needed time.

Janie Garrett (SIM USA)

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Praise for the new prayer structure, “Partners in Prayer,” that Janie has helped introduce at the USA office to enlist office staff to pray for the missionaries that SIM USA has sent around the world. Praise also for the greatly-improved process by which “By Prayer,” the bi-monthly SIM prayer guide Janie oversees, is being produced. Pray for her as she cross-trains a colleague in the process of preparing “By Prayer.” Pray also as she is currently experiencing health challenges.

Dick & Meg Ackley (SIM USA)

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Praise for quality people who are coming to SIM, including 40 people who came to the office in July to be trained for long-term service. Pray for Meg as she relates to new applicants, helps with their assessment and placement, and is part of the team that mentors new members through the support-raising process. Pray for Dick as he mentors first-term missionaries on the field via Skype. Pray for another Integration Coordinator (or two) to join Dick in his work.

Dwight & Dorothy Hazard (SIM USA)

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Praise for the work Dwight is doing with the Information Systems Group at SIM USA by using his background and skills in computer, leadership and policy setting. Pray for him as he does data backup and retention plus general data security. Praise that he can work from home, thus allowing him to assist Dorothy with her physical needs. Praise that her current medication continues to have a positive effect. Pray that the Lord will bring healing to her in His time and way.

Sam & Beatrice Plowman (SIM USA)

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Praise for the work Sam does as a web developer at SIM USA office. Pray that the team will continue to make progress in providing more useful IT services. Praise that Beatrice has completed her first term of nursing studies. Pray for grace and strength as she starts the second term of this intense and stressful program. Praise that Beatrice’s father was able to return to his home in Kenya, after a health scare while visiting them. Pray that the faith of the Kenyan church would be deep and pure.

Shelbey & Rachel Hunt (SIM International/SIM USA)

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Praise that the Hunts will be able to remain with SIM while ministering with a church in Wales. Pray that their complicated visa situation will be resolved soon. Pray for a good trip to California at the end of August to connect with ministry partners and seek new supporters. Pray that they can reach full support quickly. Pray for strength as they begin the transition process including selling their house. Pray also that they would finish their ministries in the International and USA offices well.

Brittany Gardner (SIM USA)

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Praise for the opportunity Brittany had to minister in a refugee camp recently and for the heart God gave her for the plight of displaced persons. Pray for her as she processes all that she saw and heard while there. Pray for wisdom as she seeks to raise awareness and know what her responsibility is in moving forward personally and mobilizing others to serve. She writes, “. . . I am learning what it looks like to be simultaneously content in the present, open to opportunities, and faithful with what the Lord sets before me.”

John & Faith Barnshaw (SIM USA)

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Praise for the growing SIM Heath Ministry Leadership Team whose mission is to shape, serve and strengthen SIM Health Ministries worldwide. Pray for the team members as they refine the focus of their strategic plan. Pray also as they return to Kenya September 11 to host the Healthcare Conference and Leadership Initiative planned for September 16-21. Pray that the expected 53 attendees from seven countries will improve in their knowledge and skill plus network effectively. Pray for John as he does the logistics for the conference.