Anthony & Susan Pizzuti (SIM USA)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise that the efforts to reach the lost through business is increasing significantly. Praise for a recent conference in MN which included SIM leaders from Canada, the US and the UK, plus several individuals interested in joining SIM’s Business As Mission endeavors. Pray for Anthony as he works with several key SIM leaders to produce a world-wide strategy for new missionaries who desire to start a business in creative-access areas. Pray also for him as he helps churches catch the vision to identify, challenge, and send out individuals who are willing to use their business skills in other countries for the promotion of the gospel.

Dave & Mary Decker (SIM USA)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the upcoming opportunity to visit friends and supporters in Minnesota October 22-November 2. Pray for connections and scheduling, and for meetings that will mutually encourage. Pray for continued wisdom for Dave as he leads the SIM USA finance team with its heavy workload and the need for God’s guidance to prioritize and complete all their responsibilities. Pray also for Mary and the Child Safety team as they continue the challenging work of developing practices and policies to protect children.

Allen & Marilyn Andrews (SIM USA)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise that 44 people have left for mission service around the world so far this year. Continue praying that the Lord will send out and sustain workers. Praise for the opportunity Allen had this summer to prepare 34 missionaries through teaching the ICC (Intercultural Course) at JAARS (Jungle Aviation & Radio Systems) in NC. Praise also for the ten missionaries currently at SIM USA for training who are preparing to serve in other countries. Pray for Allen as he leads two sessions and speaks at the Celebration Chapel October 16. Pray also for additional needed prayer and financial backing.

Scott & Beth Cunningham (SIM USA)

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Praise for progress the Overseas Council has been making through the “Assessment Project” in changing the evaluation of seminary success from a focus on resources and activities to the effectiveness graduates have in the churches they serve. Pray for the process of sharing these insights with over 150 seminaries through a series of eleven Institutes beginning with one in India in January. Pray for Scott as he prepares to serve as Missions and Evangelism Week speaker at Dallas Theological Seminary the end of October.

Luke & Tiffany Wessler (SIM USA)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the opportunities Luke is having to interact with appointees and serve them as appointee coordinator and as the classroom facilitator during SIMGo. Pray for the new appointees as they begin their fund-raising and prayer-support activities. Pray for Tiffany as she supports Luke, and together they open their home to many missionary families who come through Charlotte for training or debriefing. Pray that God will provide additional support for the Wesslers, who have lost some of their supporters in the transition from Zambia to the home office.

Janie Garrett (SIM USA)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for Janie’s recent safe return from 4000 miles of road travel, visiting people and sharing opportunities to help in prayer and financial support as she begins her new ministry in the SIM USA office as editor of SIM’s “By Prayer” publication. Pray for needed financial support of $1800/month to come in so that she can continue the important work of equipping God’s people to pray for missions. Pray for patience and peace for her. Pray also for her as she travels to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates September 29–October 14 to visit a supporting church.

Dick & Meg Ackley (SIM USA)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Pray for the Ackleys, currently on a trip to Nigeria with a team of ten from September 19-October 7. Pray for health and safety for them as they work first at Egbe Hospital and then travel on to Jos to minister there. Pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit as they seek to bless missionaries, who are often tired physically and spiritually. Pray for many divine appointments. Pray also for Meg who then will go on to East Africa to attend SIM meetings in Kenya, arriving a few days before they begin. Pray that she will be an encouragement to team members there.

Linda Crouch (SIM USA)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the “spacious place” (Psalm 18:19 NIV) God has provided for her through the years, first at Kent Academy in Nigeria, where, with her husband, Jim, she raised a family, taught, mentored staff, and encouraged widows. Pray for her now in a new life-season as she has joined the SIM USA office Member Care Department. Pray for wisdom as she debriefs missionaries on home assignment, helps prepare children to move overseas, visits local SIM retirees, attends member care training programs, and helps plan a Teacher Training Program for Kent Academy alumni and teachers for 2016.

Eric and Marlies Ernst (SIM USA)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise that 44 new missionaries have reached their fields of service this year, and pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send out many more. Praise for SIM’s partnership with Global Frontier Missions and their missionary training program, and pray for Eric as he works on other mission-to-mission agreements. Pray for Marlies in the implementation of the new electronic medical records system and in promoting missionary health. Pray for the Ernsts as they mentor a missionary couple who have had a challenging year and where communication is difficult. Pray also for additional needed monthly support for them.