A Refuge of Hope in a World of Cruel Bondage

SIM USASIM Global August 20164 Comments

Driving through a city in India, we turned suddenly onto a narrow lane with three-story buildings towering overhead. There was normal commerce at street level, but from the upper stories young women were leaning out the windows, casting alluring gazes on the men below. This was the red light district. We parked and walked past the crowds into the Beauty for Ashes Restoration Home (B4A)—a haven of safety where women escape the bondage of prostitution and addiction. Inside, the women were going about their lives in peace and dignity, laughing and working together. But there was something else that stabbed my heart with pain. Because I suddenly realized they were not grown women at all. They were young girls—nine, ten, eleven years old. Their childhood had been ripped away, replaced with a life of bondage and abuse. And that was all they had to look forward to—until now. It made … Read More

Praying for Teachers

SIM USASIM Global August 2016

In February we asked you to join us in praying for more teachers in the mission field. God has been answering those prayers! We’re delighted to report that as we prayed, He provided 12 new and continuing teachers for the 2016-2017 school year, and we are hearing from even more teachers interested in serving. Praise the Lord! One of those answers to prayer is Ann Berry, a teacher who became interested in mission work after reading an SIM newsletter much like this one.  Ann is a teacher at the Galmi Day School in Niger. While we were praying, she was praying too—asking God if she should extend her term for another year. She said, “If Jesus wants me to come back, He’s going to have to show me by providing the finances.” God brought in enough support to convince her to stay—but not all she needed. That came only after … Read More

Building Bonds Through Hard Work—and Fun

SIM USASIM Global August 2016

SPORTS FRIENDS has found a unique way to share the love of Jesus Young people everywhere love sports. The ministry of Sports Friends taps into that common interest to share the love of Jesus Christ while building relationships that last. Working with local church leaders, Sports Friends develops Christ-centered sports programs in countries around the world. Children come to play—and hear the gospel at the same time. Michelle Palacio works with the Sports Friends support services team and travels to participate in sports camps. She especially appreciates the ministry’s spiritual emphasis. “Discipleship and the gospel are first and foremost,” she says. The ministry also considers each child’s interests and personality, encouraging them to find God’s unique calling in their lives. God used Sports Friends to work in the heart of David, an Ethiopian who came to the ministry as a young boy. He returned home with a passion to bring the … Read More

SIM Global March – 2016


In this issue: The miraculous moment someone hears and embraces the gospel… When the Holy Spirit brings pieces together to reach one lost sheep… Our God gives the increase: Andrew is a missionary today because of our missionaries On the Cover: The Mystery of the Gospel, Made Known