Persevering through Pain

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ELWA Hospital shines a light of hope in Liberia The Ebola epidemic was devastating for Liberia, which was still rebuilding after a civil war. But as always, God brings redemption out of disaster. Samaritan’s Purse had partnered with ELWA Hospital to provide funds for a brand-new medical facility. The new hospital, dedicated in the fall of 2016, will enable ELWA’s dedicated staff to provide quality compassionate care for more patients. Nancy Writebol: Sharing hope in the midst of suffering Nancy Writebol has seen the effects of Ebola up close. And as she served the victims of Ebola as a nurse at ELWA Hospital, Nancy contracted the disease herself. The experience only strengthened her faith in God’s redeeming power. “I am thankful for His grace that carries us and is extended to us each and every day,” she says. Now Nancy attends to the ongoing needs of Liberians who were affected … Read More

“It’s like a mini personal Bible school”

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Pastors’ Book Sets are meeting a global need for Christian training resources New Christians need sound teaching to mature in their faith. This is especially true in Africa, Asia, and South America where false belief systems abound. But the church leaders in these areas often lack adequate training themselves. They can’t go to seminary or even visit a local Christian bookstore for resources. They need our help. Your support is helping to meet this need by providing Pastors’ Book Sets (PBS) for the leaders—who can then pass on what they learn to their church members. These resources provide basic doctrinal instruction, practical guidance, and tools for effective ministry. Leaders attend conferences where they receive the book sets along with in-person training. At eight recent conferences in Namibia, 1400 pastors were equipped with book sets. And they’re experiencing great results. Here’s part of an email the PBS project manager received from … Read More

Making water safe to drink

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Water filters and medical treatment are bringing hope to Bangladesh The growth on Mr. Punno’s finger seemed minor, but it was preventing him from working. He’s a farmer with a wife and child, and his hands are his livelihood. So he went to the hospital to have it checked out. That’s when doctors discovered cancer—not just on his finger but through his pelvis. Sadly, arsenic poisoning is common among people of Mr. Punno’s village. Their water is contaminated, which can cause a variety of ailments, including deadly cancer. He would need extensive treatment to have a chance of surviving. SIM’s Arsenic Poisoning Prevention program was ready to pay 75 percent of the cost. But could he pay the remaining 25 percent? Mr. Punno revealed that he had little money—but he did have two goats at home that he could sell. Would that be sufficient? This heartrending story illustrates the suffering … Read More

The Power of Forgiveness

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In Nigeria, Trauma Healing workshops reconcile enemies At SIM’s Trauma Healing workshops, attendees are encouraged to face their own sins as well as those committed against them. At one recent workshop, a man came forward sobbing with remorse. “I need to confess that I killed Muslims in 2001,” he said. Christians in Nigeria have suffered horribly at the hands of Boko Haram, the Muslim terrorist group. But sometimes Christians respond with violence too. “I can’t get the memories out of my mind,” this man sobbed. “I know that it was wrong and I need God’s forgiveness!” The workshop directors, Bill and Lorraine Foute, invited the other attendees to come and pray with him. What happened next stunned everyone. The first person to rise and pray for this man was a Muslim woman whose husband and father had been killed during religious fighting—in 2001. She might well have been facing the … Read More

Abraham escaped the horrors of war only to face a new, more deadly enemy

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When Abraham was just a boy, he witnessed the carnage and cruelty of Liberia’s civil war. His family had to flee to Ghana where they lived as refugees for ten years. They returned to Liberia only to face a new terror—Ebola. “It was more deadly,” he says, “because Ebola was an unseen enemy.” Abraham watched his little sister become sick and die. “It was the most difficult part of our lives,” he says, “but we tried to withstand.” But his burden of grief only got heavier. Then Abraham went to one of ELWA Hospital’s Trauma Healing workshops, where they address the emotional wounds of survivors. “There was a day for ‘taking our pain to the cross,’” he recalls. “And I stood there, and tears came to my eyes.” He describes his experience as lifting a burden, “like you have something on your head—and it has been removed.” That was a … Read More

Update from Mseleni: After the fire—hope and hard work

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The fire that took two precious lives at the Mseleni Children’s Home was devastating for the staff and children. But already, God’s hand is evident as the buildings are being restored. Much has been done, but there’s still lots of hard work ahead. Perhaps the best news is that the boys’ dormitory that was struck by the fire is now nearly rebuilt as a therapy unit and office. That’s a great symbolic victory as well as a practical milestone. Plans are in place for a completely new boys’ dorm, as well as improvements for all the existing buildings. We are now praying the home will re-open as early as possible in 2017. That will allow all the children to return. For many of them, the home represents the only real family they’ve ever known. There were 46 children before the fire came. Some are orphans who had lost their parents … Read More

The Light Shines in a South Sudan Refugee Camp

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They heard about Jesus—and traveled for miles to learn more “Nobody has ever told us the truth about Jesus the Messiah,” the young man said, “until now.” He and three others from the Ingessana tribe had traveled from their home in a refugee camp to find an SIM missionary named Getachew. They’d heard how Getachew led another tribe to faith in Jesus, and they wanted this savior for their own people. SIM workers had been active in the refugee camps for years—providing medical care, building trust among the people. Now their labors are beginning to bear spiritual fruit. The young men explained their mission to Getachew. “We held a big meeting,” their spokesman said, “and now the whole of the Ingessana youth want to believe in Jesus the Messiah.” Days later, SIM missionaries had a historic meeting with the Ingessana chiefs. The leaders of this formerly Muslim tribe announced their decision … Read More

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