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Prang escaped the power of evil through the steadfast witness of believers. Photo courtesy Mark Fischer The spiritual world was always real for Prang. But it was the world of dark, evil spirits. Prang’s mother was a medium who communicated regularly with an ungodly spirit. “When my mother prayed she could sense the spirit surrounding her,” Prang recalls. “My mother knew something in the darkness was trying to tighten its grip on her. And the longer she worked for the spirit, the more afraid she became.” That terror spread to Prang’s entire family. “Everyone in my family was very fearful, and we all suffered because of these spirits,” she says. “Our family had no peace.” Prang’s escape from the darkness came through Simon, her Christian employer, who demonstrated his strong faith even through severe trials. “I saw a wonderful thing in Simon’s life,” she remembers. “I became a Christian because … Read More

After the Terror —The Healing Begins

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Christians return to their homes in war-torn Nigeria. Christians in northeast Nigeria have been suffering extreme persecution and horrific terror attacks by the Islamist group Boko Haram—often causing them to flee their homes. But because of your support, they’re beginning to return and rebuild their lives! Your giving to support persecuted Christians in Nigeria has helped two communities rebuild their churches that were destroyed, and your gifts are providing food for refugees facing hunger because of the ongoing strife. Binding the unseen wounds The physical impact of war is horrible, but the spiritual and emotional wounds are just as real. Your support of Trauma Healing workshops is helping heal those wounds. Much of the world became aware when Boko Haram cruelly kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in 2014. But more than 2,000 other women and children have already escaped the terrorists’ grip. And there are certainly more being held right now. When … Read More


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Businesses can be missionary opportunities, too!  July 18 used to be a difficult date for Miriam. On that day years ago her husband walked out on her and their two children. It has been a painful reminder each year since—until now. Miriam was one of the first employees of a missional business started by SIM missionaries Bill and Charis to share the gospel in North Africa. After years of unemployment, raising her two children on her own, Miriam was hired and started her very first job—on July 18. “I have started a new life and I can start making new memories,” she says. “This can only be from God.” Bill and Charis started a business because they were eager to find effective ways to reach their neighbors. Many areas of Muslim North Africa are hostile toward the gospel, but the couple was burdened by people’s need for Jesus. Many people … Read More

A New Livelihood—and a New Life

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SALAM Training Center shares practical skills along with the Word of God Since 1980, SALAM (Salt and Light as Mechanics) Training Center has been providing people in South Asia with the practical skills to make a good living. The students also receive moral and spiritual training, participating in daily devotionals before beginning their workday. “Many students have received the gospel through this ministry,” says Rohan, the center’s director. “Many of the former students are mature servant leaders of Christian communities.” Sharing the Blessing—and Giving Back Saiful* came to the SALAM Training Center (STC) in 2008 with hopes of becoming an electrician. Until then he had known only poverty. But at STC he received a valuable skill—and spiritual training as well. Saiful became a believer in Jesus Christ and he soon found a job that enabled him to use his newfound skills. After a few years, Saiful heard that STC needed … Read More

Missionary Training & Church Planting in Thailand

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“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” —2 Timothy 2:2 (NIV) “Which God Are You Talking About?” “When you begin talking with Thai people about God, a common question is, Which God are you talking about?” That’s how SIM Thailand Director Ryan Hannah describes the challenge of ministering in Southeast Asia—where Christian teaching is almost unknown. For people steeped in a Buddhist worldview, the notion of a loving God is unfamiliar, and many have trouble grasping the gospel message. “With less than one percent of the Thai population being Christian,” he says, “many do not know a Christian. Many do not live in a community with a church.” As a result, Thais may live their entire lives without hearing the gospel. Another obstacle is the spiritual bondage of animism that has … Read More

From Shame to Triumph: DANJA FISTULA CENTER brings hope to afflicted women

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Salome* was proud to be the first member of her family to attend school. She excelled in her studies and was recognized as the top student in her school. She had dreams of becoming a doctor, but a terrible incident shattered her plans. In Salome’s culture, female circumcision is a common practice. She was subjected to this procedure when she returned to visit her grandmother’s village. But it went wrong, and Salome was left incontinent. She was too ashamed to return to school and found herself “crying from day to night.” Salome sought relief for months with no success. Her dreams of continuing her education seemed lost. Then she found the Danja Fistula Center and received reconstruction surgery. Her treatment was successful. “I am so very happy,” she says now. Best of all, she’s looking forward to resuming her studies. Someday she may return to the fistula center as a … Read More

They Survived. Now What?


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