Update from Mseleni: After the fire—hope and hard work

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The fire that took two precious lives at the Mseleni Children’s Home was devastating for the staff and children. But already, God’s hand is evident as the buildings are being restored. Much has been done, but there’s still lots of hard work ahead. Perhaps the best news is that the boys’ dormitory that was struck by the fire is now nearly rebuilt as a therapy unit and office. That’s a great symbolic victory as well as a practical milestone. Plans are in place for a completely new boys’ dorm, as well as improvements for all the existing buildings. We are now praying the home will re-open as early as possible in 2017. That will allow all the children to return. For many of them, the home represents the only real family they’ve ever known. There were 46 children before the fire came. Some are orphans who had lost their parents … Read More

The Light Shines in a South Sudan Refugee Camp

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They heard about Jesus—and traveled for miles to learn more “Nobody has ever told us the truth about Jesus the Messiah,” the young man said, “until now.” He and three others from the Ingessana tribe had traveled from their home in a refugee camp to find an SIM missionary named Getachew. They’d heard how Getachew led another tribe to faith in Jesus, and they wanted this savior for their own people. SIM workers had been active in the refugee camps for years—providing medical care, building trust among the people. Now their labors are beginning to bear spiritual fruit. The young men explained their mission to Getachew. “We held a big meeting,” their spokesman said, “and now the whole of the Ingessana youth want to believe in Jesus the Messiah.” Days later, SIM missionaries had a historic meeting with the Ingessana chiefs. The leaders of this formerly Muslim tribe announced their decision … Read More

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