SIM Global June – 2016


In this issue: Praying for Muslims during Ramadan People from an ancient culture respond to Bible stories In the aftermath of Ebola, God is moving in West Africa On the Cover: A World of Opportunity


SIM USASIM Global June 2016

Radical Islam is engulfing the world in war, terrorism, and chaos as never before. This is causing many Muslims to question their beliefs. At this strategic moment, SIM is partnering with Middle East Christian Outreach (MECO) to bring the hope of Christ to troubled people. Together we’ll minister to refugees fleeing terror in their homelands. We’ll help to start businesses in impoverished communities, building relationships that can lead to sharing the gospel. And we’ll work with local churches to disciple new believers and equip them for mission work. It will take $750,000 to do these things that God is calling us to in the Middle East. We’re praying He will provide the needed funds. And we’re confident He will, using our faithful partners and whatever other sources He may choose. Would you prayerfully consider supporting ministry opportunities like these that will reach those who need to hear about Jesus? The … Read More


SIM USASIM Global June 2016

RoxAnne Cox trains young missionaries at SIM Korea. From there, they often travel to the unreached areas of East Asia, which are not far away. But there are important cultural lessons they must learn before they go. Christian workers who venture into these areas unprepared often return discouraged and disillusioned. Why? As RoxAnne says, “They haven’t understood the people’s worldview.” Much of East Asia is Muslim, which presents unique challenges. As she points out, “Until you understand the worldview of Islam—what their values are, what’s important to them—and see through their lens, you will not be able to effectively communicate the gospel.” “In Islam, there is no concept of God having a personal relationship with you,” RoxAnne explains. So Christians who talk in those terms often have trouble communicating. They must show that relationship in their lives and then teach about it patiently. RoxAnne recalls one young Asian man who … Read More

Identifying with the hurting. Sharing their pain.

SIM USASIM Global June 2016

There’s a stigma associated with carrying a deadly disease—even when the danger has passed. So Ebola survivors often have trouble talking about their experiences. But when they talk with Nancy Writebol, they feel a kinship. It’s not just because she’s the personnel coordinator at ELWA Hospital. It’s not even because she’s a trained trauma healing facilitator. It’s because Nancy herself is an Ebola survivor. Every Wednesday morning Nancy interviews survivors to register them for healthcare services. When she tells them of her own Ebola experience, their eyes flash with recognition. They realize they’re talking with someone who understands. One survivor was especially memorable for Nancy. Solomon (not his real name) had spent days trying to get his sick children into a treatment center. Then he contracted Ebola himself. To convey the depth of his sorrow, he showed Nancy a four-page booklet he had compiled. On the first page, he had … Read More