Dennis and Coletta Shelly (Nigeria)

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Praise that Dennis and Coletta successfully completed teaching their courses at ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro (ETSK) this semester. Praise for the 127 students who received degrees at the 60th ETSK graduation. Pray that God will use these students to advance the gospel throughout Nigeria. Praise for the school’s Provost who has faithfully served two terms and will continue teaching some courses the second semester. Pray for God’s choice of the next Provost to begin his term this month. Pray for refreshment, renewal and vision for the entire SIM Nigeria team as they meet for their Spiritual Life Conference in January.

Kevin & Alexis Stokes (Nigeria)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise that Kevin has been asked to mentor the students in the worship band at the seminary. Pray for good connections with the members, and that they can work towards becoming more aligned with what pleases God in worship. Pray also as he co-teaches “Preaching on the Book of Judges” next semester. Pray that the teaching will be gospel-saturated and Christ-focused. Pray that the Stokes can get their solar-panel system installed correctly before the next semester begins, and that they can find reliable child care for their son.

Peter & Miriam Fretheim (Nigeria)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the salvation of a former persecutor of Christians in Northern Nigeria through a vision he had of the Lord, and for the encouragement, this has been to Christians in the area to be bold in their faith. Praise for his courage as he shared his conversion experience since he was taken by former fellow persecutors who tried to make him deny his faith, offering him incentives to do so. Pray for him now that he has apparently been freed and is being treated in a hospital for the injuries he has sustained. Pray that Christians will be able to locate him and that he will continue to be a powerful and courageous witness.

Linda Crouch (USA/Nigeria)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for finances that provided treadle sewing machines for each of ten widows in Nigeria who completed a sewing course so they can set up their own tailoring business. Pray for a godly Nigerian woman to lead the ministry, which empowers Miango widows with a variety of skills to help them provide for their families. Since it is common for widows to be held at a distance and even blamed for their husbands’ deaths, pray also for Scriptural teaching in the churches about God’s blessing on those who care for widows and orphans with respect and kindness.

Richard & Susan Snyder (USA/Nigeria)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the team of people that have worked to see the opening of a Girls’ Transition House for older orphan and destitute girls in Jos, Nigeria. Pray that the 50 girls who have moved into the first two recently-finished buildings will continue to see the love of Jesus, respond to that love and learn skills to become ministering adults in their culture. Praise that Richard will be able to go to the dedication of these buildings he designed. Pray that while there he will be used to help with the development of the property, plans for the future, and encouragement of the workers involved in the ministry.

Lenny & Patrice Miles (Nigeria)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the new assignment location for the Miles family as they begin work in northern Nigeria with several ministry opportunities. Pray especially for Lenny as he begins to produce videos to highlight the need for missionaries to come and teach, as well as identify ways that God is working in various places. Pray for the Christians whose churches have been torn down – some more than once – meaning that many now meet in the open air. Pray for safety for Lenny as he makes future trips to the north to make videos, and pray that they will stir people’s hearts to pray, give and go.

Toby and Alycia Abts (Nigeria)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the people who have chosen to follow Christ from other faiths and for those who are near to making that decision through the ministry of BRICC (Building Relationships in City Center) and In Reach. Pray for the Abts while they are in the US for four months to visit with friends and family, meet new people and share with churches and small groups about what God is doing in Nigeria. Pray for additional financial support for the Abts, since both their monthly needs and ministry funds are very low.

Kate Farr (Nigeria)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for Kate’s culture and language learning, deepening friendships with Nigerians and developing teamwork at the Evangel VVF Center during her first six months in Nigeria. Pray for her as she uses physical therapy to restore dignity to African women after fistula surgery and begins to train local healthcare professionals to do the same. Pray also for safety on her upcoming trip to Kenya and diligence in writing a case report for her certification.

After the Terror —The Healing Begins

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Christians return to their homes in war-torn Nigeria. Christians in northeast Nigeria have been suffering extreme persecution and horrific terror attacks by the Islamist group Boko Haram—often causing them to flee their homes. But because of your support, they’re beginning to return and rebuild their lives! Your giving to support persecuted Christians in Nigeria has helped two communities rebuild their churches that were destroyed, and your gifts are providing food for refugees facing hunger because of the ongoing strife. Binding the unseen wounds The physical impact of war is horrible, but the spiritual and emotional wounds are just as real. Your support of Trauma Healing workshops is helping heal those wounds. Much of the world became aware when Boko Haram cruelly kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in 2014. But more than 2,000 other women and children have already escaped the terrorists’ grip. And there are certainly more being held right now. When … Read More