Anisa Blomquist (Niger)

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Praise for God’s provision for the startup of Grâce Académie, a school for girls, and for Anisa’s opportunity to teach them one hour a week, stretching her ability in French. Pray that the seventh-grade students, whom she teaches at Sahel Academy, will mature both academically and spiritually. Praise that they have been involved in outreach to the kids of a village about 20 miles from Niamey, and pray these kids will have ears to hear and understand the gospel. Pray also that the Lord will provide more teachers for Sahel for the next school year.

Sean & Heather Dupont (Appointees/Niger)

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Praise for the Lord’s call on the Duponts to serve the people of Niger through medical missions. Since Sean’s last day at Mayo was December 15, pray for the family as they are now preparing full-time for their scheduled departure on January 27. Pray for safe travel and meaningful conversations as they say goodbye to family and friends. Pray that their upcoming training sessions will not be overwhelming for them and for good adjustments for their children to all the changes. Pray also that the rest of their needed finances will be raised in the remaining time.

Becky & Sadie Ester (Niger)

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Praise for the spiritual growth Becky and Sadie are seeing as they mentor girls living in the dorm at Sahel Academy. Pray that the girls’ desire to learn more about the Lord, grow closer to Him, and really make their faith their own will continue. Pray for all the students to stay focused on finishing their papers and exams as this semester ends before the Christmas break. Pray also for safety for them, as most will be traveling to spend time with their families for the holidays – some flying and others taking long trips over rough African roads.

Jean Baumbach (Niger)

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Praise for Jean’s determination to give thanks even when things are hard and for her time in the US to rest, recover and be with family and friends. Pray for wisdom for her as she deals with decisions regarding moving her mother to a better living situation for her safety. Praise for faithful workers who have continued translation work in country despite Jean’s inability to work on it remotely. Praise for those who have supported her faithfully for nearly 35 years. Pray for additional personal funds she needs and for wisdom regarding the timing of her return.

Steve & Nancy Brown (Niger)

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Praise that the Browns have completed 20 years of missionary service in Niger. Praise also for a successful surgery on 50 women during a recent fistula camp, and for the discussion overheard between two non-Christian medical personnel who exclaimed that the center was so blessed because of being Christian! Pray that the Lord will bring a resident Christian surgeon to serve at the Danja Fistula Center. Pray for other personnel needs at both the fistula and leprosy centers plus serious financial issues.

Nate and Jana Duriga (Niger)

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Praise that Nate and Jana have completed their first term and are in the USA to rest and share their ministry with friends and family who faithfully encouraged and supported them while in Niger. Praise for the outreach center in Niamey that builds relationships with students through cooking, English and computer classes, a library, etc. in order to share the gospel and make disciples. Pray for the leadership team as they seek to find a new director with wisdom, strong character and a heart for reaching university students for the 2018-2019 year. Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send more workers into this harvest field.

Lisa Hemenway (Niger)

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Praise for the successful completion of the first quarter at Sahel Academy, and that the second quarter is in full swing. She writes, “I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone, but love teaching, learning and impacting the kingdom here in Niger.”  Pray for strength to finish the semester well. Pray also that she will be able to complete her coursework for a Master of Arts Teacher Education certification in the spring online. Pray also for more teachers for Sahel Academy for the next school year.

Rachel Gillner (Niger)

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Praise for sustaining grace for Rachel despite the challenges she has faced living in a community in the bush as part of the TIMO (Training in Mission Outreach) team. Praise for the joy she sees in one sister in Christ who keeps insisting that the gospel is such sweet news! Pray for this sister in Christ as she is learning to read so she can study the Bible for herself. Pray for the TIMO team as they seek to disciple the new believers by devoting energy, time and resources to the task. Pray for encouragement, stamina, and joy for Rachel in her remaining time in the bush.

David and Laura Ceton (Niger)

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Praise that ministry is continuing in Niger while the Cetons are in the US on home assignment. Praise that all the third-year girls from NVOC (Niamey Vocational Centre) who took the National Vocational Training Certificate exams passed. Pray these girls will accept Christ as their Savior, and that God would provide work for them to support their families. Praise that God continues to use SIMAIR as a tool to bring the gospel to the peoples of West Africa, and pray that He would complete the process of bringing a new family and a new six-seat Cessna 210 plane to Niger next year.