MY STORY: A spirit of freedom

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Prang and her family had a history with oppressive evil spirits. When Prang began knowing Christ, she finally felt peace and freedom from the spirits that used to plague her. “She’s experienced many struggles in her life and has been really open about it,” says SIM cross-cultural worker Genine Thomas, who has developed a strong friendship with Prang, who is her family’s  house helper in Thailand. “I see her more as a friend than my house helper. I’m thankful she can be open with us in sharing what she’s feeling, asking for advice, and reading the Bible. She’s growing more as a Christian.” I began wanting to know more about God because I was having a lot of terrible problems with evil spirits that were bothering my family. My mother was a medium and she communicated for an evil spirit. When my mother was possessed by the spirit, she would … Read More