The Kingdom of Christ is Expanding

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The kingdom of Christ is expanding as more workers answer the call of the gospel in Ethiopia! One need only meet the families of missionary children educated at Bingham Academy to see the vitality of Evangelical Christianity in this nation.  Bingham Academy nurtures the spiritual and academic growth of children of kingdom-minded families thereby making missions possible. And as a Christian, international school, Bingham also exists to bring the gospel into urban homes that do not yet know Christ. One graduate who was introduced to Christ at Bingham shared some of his thoughts on the school. He attended Bingham from KG-1 through his graduation. He recalls the variety of activities in which he was able to be involved during his career from sports to school trips to Bible studies. “…I can honestly say that there are very few places where you can participate in so wide a spectrum of activities, … Read More

I Loved Growing Up as a Missionary Kid

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I loved growing up in Nigeria as a SIM Missionary Kid.   My parents prepared me well for going to boarding school at Kent Academy.  Though I now know it was heart-breaking for them to send me away to school, they knew I would thrive with other children my age.  They knew I’d have opportunities they couldn’t offer me.  They trusted the care and caliber of teachers and dorm parents.  They intentionally connected with me through weekly letters, care packages, and occasional 1 on 1 visits at the neighboring catering guesthouse.  They invested time during summers and holiday times to involve me in their ministries.  They sacrificed to buy a piano for me.  They modeled a contagious, loving enthusiasm for their varied ministries, and I caught it!  They took time for picnics, visiting ‘historical’ places and teaching me manners, history and a fierce loyalty and pride in the USA even though we … Read More

Good Teachers Are so Critical!

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Being a missionary kid is a rich tapestry of interweaving cultures, languages, and experiences. Some threads are bright and vibrant, some are dull and boring. Life is life after all. Growing up overseas has unique challenges, but it has its benefits as well. One of the challenges for missionary kids can be getting a good education that prepares them for the future. As a missionary kid, growing up in Niger, West Africa, my schooling changed depending on where my family was located and how many teachers were available there. Some years I was homeschooled with my brothers. Other years we traveled to a nearby town to attend a one-room school house for a couple days each week. While in the States, we attending public school or took online classes as we traveled from church to church. The majority of my years I attended Sahel Academy, a small mission school located … Read More

For the First Time in My Teaching Career I Am Able to Freely Share

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Written by: Jensine Frenz Each day, right around eight o’clock, students begin showing up at the Loja Ministry Center and climbing up to the fourth floor where we hold classes. Current students range in age from seven to seventeen, but despite the large age spread, each student is part of an intimate group that feels like a family. After good mornings are said, we gather together for devotions and worship. It is my favorite way to start the school day because it helps us focus daily on Christ. Without a doubt, the best aspect of teaching MKs is that—for the first time in my teaching career—I am able to freely share Christ’s love with my students. Although their families come from all over the world (Australia, Ireland, Ecuador, United States), these students all share a special bond because their families are all here for the same purpose. They are all … Read More

Business as Mission

  Intentional discipleship through sustainable businesses that focus on relationships bringing community transformation. Intentional Discipleship Sustainable Businesses Relational Community Transformation What is Business as Mission? Get Involved Have you ever considered using your professional and business skills to make a difference in the world for Christ?  If your answer is yes, you may be a good fit for Business as Missions (BAM).Under the conviction that “no one should live and die without hearing God’s good news,” SIM believes that God has called us to make disciples of Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known. BAM seeks to engage the unreached through a legitimate business to introduce Jesus Christ to them and make disciples. As a result, communities are transformed spiritually, economically and socially.How does a successful BAM endeavor do this? By relying on God with much prayer, a BAM business hires local people who need Christ and establishes relationships … Read More